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Spanish snails in sauce recipe

Spanish snail recipe... give it a go!

1y ago

People can be a bit funny about eating snails, but they shouldn't! They are a delicious treat. Here's an easy recipe for you to try that will hopefully get you interested in giving them a go.

Snails with sauce

People don't eat that many snails, but they should! Here's a recipe to get you interested.

Cook time40min


  • Clean snails
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Crushed Tomato
  • Olive oil
  • Paprika
  • Cayenne peppers
  • Laurel
  • Peppermint
  • Salt
  • Pepper



  1. I used frozen snails that are supposedly already clean, but just to be sure we can put them in cold water with salt for them to release their slime. We can change the water a few times. Anyways, as I already said, normally, frozen snails are ready to cook.
  2. When they're clean, we put them in a casserole with water, salt, and a few laurel and peppermint leaves and boil for 20 minutes. While this is boiling, we make the sauce.
  3. We drain them and put them apart.

For the sauce:

  1. We put some olive oil in a pan and we add some sliced garlic, some diced onion and we let it cook until golden. You can add some diced bell peppers too. You can use any amount you like of these ingredients. I normally use a lot of garlic for everything.
  2. We add the crushed tomato (I used canned ones)
  3. When the tomato is reduced and the mix is thick, we add a small glass of white wine, and we add the paprika and the pepper to taste. We wait until the wine is reduced.
  4. Now we add the snails, two cayenne peppers if you like it spicy, and cook it for 10 minutes. If you think the sauce is too thin, you can add a spoon of flour mixed with some water to thicken it.

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