Spoon excitement and adorable pandas thrill Twitter

It’s been yet another seven days of bafflement on social media, including such high points as offensive bread and creepy potatoes.

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Food is not always a friend if you are trying to stave off nightmares. Kitchen disasters and live streaming mishaps are doomed to scar minds for eternity – and that’s before any cheese has been consumed.

A simple escape from the horrors of reality is often sought from the internet, a place that is perpetually stuffed with cuddly kittens and videos of people falling over. However, the past week in the sphere of sanctity has been somewhat more bizarre.

Vegan splendours

January’s challenge to eat vegan for a month continues with great successes – and it’s no wonder with scrumptious cookies like these around. If you still think that vegan food is boring it’s time to open your eyes.

Panda calms

Exactly what Eat Out to Help Out should have been.

Spooky spuds

Much outrage careered through social media after Taco Bell removed the beloved brown lumpy things from its menu as it adjusted to the challenges of COVID-19. Thanks to some organising enhancements, they’re now back; I’m just not sure why the use of a horrifying talking potato was necessary.

Sensual spoons

The “fizz” experienced by James May in exciting cars was previously a concept only known to motoring; now foodies can relish that same erotic feeling through the thrills of wooden spoons.

Burger King’s makeover

After BK’s first change of branding in decades, one artist offered their interpretation of the actual Burger King.

Pancakes’ flight to fame

The perfect inspiration for your pancake charcuterie board.

Psycho burger

The meaty monstrosity could even defeat a bear.

Bread butchering

Even having the idea of slicing bread lengthways should be an imprisonable offence. Committing the heinous act is bad enough, but spreading the knowledge online is parallel to inciting terrorism.

Another vegan delight

Anything with lemon is amazing, so the secret to being vegan is clearly to drizzle everything in the sensational sour sauce.

Homemade crisps

A very welcome goodbye to the days of half-empty bags of crisps and over enthusiastic ex-footballers.

Fast and fresh recoveries

Is coronavirus simply one big marketing ploy?

Hot help for healthcare

Despite almost a year of everyone’s lives being controlled by the international pandemic the community spirit still burns strong.

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  • I actually like the spud talking🤪

      1 month ago
    • I'm glad it worked for someone! It creeped me out...

        1 month ago
    • I recommend the very old ad for the GBBO on bbc or channel 4 — a very unfreaky group of baked goods singing.

        1 month ago