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Starbucks begins testing fully compostable cups

Starbucks is keeping up with its goal towards sustainability...

44w ago

In 2018, $10 million were invested by Starbucks in partnership with Closed Loop Partners to create NextGen Cup Challenge. The goal of this was to create a greener cup i.e. developing an industry-wide recyclable and compostable to-go cup solution.

The NextGen Cup Challenge began its six-month design competition. Hundreds of ideas flowed in from industry experts and cup scientists (yes, I checked, it is a job). From there 12 winning teams were selected to continue to find a viable option.

In March 2019, Starbucks announced they will begin market testing in select stores in 5 cities with the cup technologies. The cities are London, New York, Seattle, Vancouver and San Francisco. Starbucks in then conducted months of internal research at their Tryer Centre where they figured out the economics, manufacturing logistics, quality and pricing of each cup.

the cup features an innovative cup liner called BioPBS™

A year later, this month, Starbucks has identified one of the cup solutions to introduce to partners and customers to test in their stores. The cup being tested features an innovative cup liner called BioPBS™- this makes the cup certified compostable and recyclable. For a seamless experience for consumers, these new cups look like the normal Starbucks cup.

This is surprising because there is a product called keep-cup, it comes in various sizes and it is made from recycled materials or sustainable ones and it belongs to you, all you have to do is place your order and hand the barista your keep cup and they fill it with the coffee and hand it back to you. If Starbucks had keep cups or made them they could have sold a few and made some more money and still meet their reducing waste goals.

What do you think of the new greener cups? would you prefer a keep cup instead?

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  • Great!

    *says the guy who’s too broke to buy anything from Starbucks*

      10 months ago
    • Well as a not broke guy, I don’t buy anything from Starbucks and like you I still think it is great

        10 months ago
  • I would use a green cup. Keeping one might be a challenge.

      10 months ago