Starbucks boycotts Facebook and Twitter

It is suspending all advertising on the platforms until they take hate speech more seriously

45w ago

Starbucks has announced it is to suspend all social media advertising, until further notice. This is the most recent move the company has made to promote equality and eradicate hate.

It joins Coca-Cola, who has also suspended all advertising on social media, and it remains in conversation with a number of civil rights groups and internal review boards to establish how it can help make real change.

Other companies boycotting the platforms include The Hershey Co., Unilever, Honda, Ben & Jerry's, The North Face, and Patagonia. Since the announcements, Facebook's share price has fallen considerably and continues to do so.

This is part of a wave of activity that was initiated following the murder of George Floyd by police officers in America. Big companies, major and minor celebrities and public figures, and vast swathes of the public have taken to social media and to the streets to voice their disgust at the event and raise awareness of others that take place on an all-to-regular basis, in the hope they can instigate change.

The protests in America have seen President Donald Trump post on his social media platforms "when the looting starts, the shooting starts", which has been seen as an overt violent threat to the protesters he labelled as 'thugs'.

Twitter removed the tweet, but Facebook took no action and has faced backlash from just about everyone for it. In response, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated the platform will begin to highlight 'newsworthy' posts from politicians and public figures that come close to violating their standards on hate speech.

This is clearly not enough, and companies around the world are duly stepping back from the platform, stating in unison that it simply doesn't share their collective principles.

Civil rights organisations are leading the mass abandonment in a campaign entitled #StopHateForProfit, which aims to educate people on how Facebook is using the billions it earns in profits from advertising. You can read more about it here.

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Comments (12)

  • About time we learned to respect and love each other act like grown ups by doing the decent thing.

      10 months ago
  • I'm all for shutting down hatred, but it needs to be ALL hatred. Not just one sides. There are two sides to this coin, and both sides seem to forget that they're on the same coin. Hatred on either side still makes a hateful coin. agenda based hatred needs to be shut down just as hard as the hatred towards the agenda. Social media should end all biased actions and suspend and eradicate hatred from both sides. And become a unilateral public forum that doesn't take sides and refuses all forms of hatred towards one another. Unfortunately as the pendulum swings, so does the actions of the media. When the pendulum is on the side of the right then they favor that side and shut down the left. As of now the pendulum is on the left so they shut down everything on the right. The problem with that is that there is hatred spewing from both sides. So shutting down only one sides hated still leaves a bunch of uncheck hatred. I hate that a cry for a positive change can be met with hatred every bit as much as I hate the cry for positive change also including hatred.

      10 months ago
    • I fully agree, it’s horrible but we have to start somewhere and hope to gain momentum

        10 months ago
    • I agree. The journey towards all change and all destination starts with a single step. Unfortunately, the majority of the world right now is refusing to see that that step needs to be taken TOGETHER.

        10 months ago
  • Only problem with what you are saying Chris and Hayley is that what is going on now is creating more division hatred distrust and anger. The divisions are widening because of many current actions. Which in my mind is a shame and worrying đŸ˜”

      10 months ago
    • Only because one side is trying to move forward while the other is standing still

        10 months ago
    • Maybe true. I treat everyone the same. To me colour is irrelevant. My uncle used to teach out in the Cameroon, got an MBE for his work, parents worked in Lagos and I went to international school in Freetown Sierra Leone. One of my relatives...

      Read more
        10 months ago