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Starbucks has made a berry hot chocolate

But it’s only available for a limited time.

1y ago

I feel like I am about to confess to something worse than murder, but I’m a (mostly) honest guy and I cannot let this burden me any longer: I’ve never really understood the great hot chocolate and flavoured coffees craze.

Call me boring (I am – very), but all I want is a functional hot drink that warms me up, cheers me up and tastes good – hot chocolates have always been capable of achieving these without the added extras of caramel, glitter or shaved rhinoceros horns.

Starbucks may have just changed my mind, however.

The coffee chain has launched a new berry-flavoured hot chocolate and, frankly, it looks divine.

Smothered with fruity deliciousness, the new drink combines deep raspberry hot chocolate with fluffy raspberry foam to create a treat that will undoubtedly refresh even the most stubborn of taste buds.

It’s only available for an undisclosed limited time, meaning that stocking up is advisable to avoid any sudden withdrawals. Consider flasks and bathtubs.

Don’t forget: berries are good for you, so you can drink as many of these hot chocolates as you like without feeling guilty. I’m pretty sure that’s how the fruit and vegetable ‘five-a-day’ rule works, anyway.

Have you enjoyed Starbucks’ berry hot chocolate yet?

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