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Starbucks to release three new bottled Frappucinos inspired by desserts

The three new bottled Frappuccinos are part of their 'Passport Series'

Fatima A posted in Drinks
5w ago

Everyone's favourite coffee-chain Starbucks is releasing three new flavours of their popular bottled frappuccinos that have been inspired by international desserts. They will be available in stores soon for purchase.

The new flavours – Caramel Flan, Chocolate Churro, and Hazelnut Tiramisu – are all part of the Passport Series, which reflects the inspiration from desserts around the world.

We can only imagine how popular these new and unique flavours are bound to be, especially with the chilled bottled factor making them a special treat for the upcoming summer months.

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The Starbucks Passport Series of bottled Frappuccinos will hit shelves in early 2021.

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