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Starbucks' tweets are helping us through lockdown

The coffee chain has been publishing pearls of self-help and wisdom

1y ago

One by-product of Covid-19 is the detrimental effects lockdown, self-isolation and fear-mongering can have on mental health. Despite the virus itself receiving rampant publicity, this enormous side effect has (somewhat ironically) been side-lined.

In a useful action to support mental wellbeing, coffee chain Starbucks has been filling its Twitter timeline with motivational and supportive posts that aim to help people who may be struggling through enforced and encouraged isolation.

Some of the tweets have included tips that users can carry out themselves…

While others are designed to prompt friends, relatives and co-workers into looking after each other:

Further messages are simply designed to offer self-confidence and happiness:

Social media influence regularly receives criticism for its self-centeredness and exploitation, so it is inspiring to see Starbucks using its significant status to address issues that continue to grow beneath the popular hype.

How are you helping yourself through the lockdown?

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