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    Starburst have a range of candles

    Choose from green apple, piña colada, watermelon or blueberry

    51w ago


    Forget subtle sandalwood scents and relaxing lavender aromas: now your house can smell like Starbust. That’s right: the chewy candy, Starbust.

    They’ve released a line of candles... because why not. There are apparently two different types you can buy to give all your rooms that sickly sweet smell: watermelon and piña colada.

    They were spotted by Instagram user @threesnackateers at a Sentry grocery store. They also found melon berry Skittles candle and cherry-flavored Lifesavers candles.


    Walmart sell the flavors individually. And things get even better on Amazon, where you can grab a multi-pack of green apple, piña colada, watermelon and blueberry scented Starburst candles. What a time to be alive.

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