Strange Valentine Potions from Around the World

Oysters and caviar and are firm favourites to promote romance but I investigated some strange and dangerous alternatives from around the world.

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Cobra Blood

Does anyone remember the opening scene in Thailand in the film The Beach?

That shot taken by Leonardo di Caprio was a mixture of alcohol and snake blood believed to make men more virile in Thailand.

In Vietnam they also use a strong distilled liquor called ruou thouoc, packed full of herbs and spices it can also contain seahorses and termites and is believed to boost virility.

Baboon Urine

If you are strolling through Harare Market in Zimbabwe you may well come across the popular Baboon urine stand!

No really - it is believed by many that as the Baboon only urinates in one place and never strays from that that it will make your man stay faithful and never be tempted by another woman.

Drunk or mixed in a potion by the traditional doctor known as a Songoma it's trusted to stimulate ovaries, increase sexual attraction and generally resolve any romance problems you may have.

Beetle Juice Shots

The Ancient Romans were well known for going the extra mile for romance and beetle juice shots were used to increase sexual desire. According to records they worked a treat but also often caused convulsions and sometimes even death!

Thankfully this practice died out along with building straight roads.

Birds Nest Soup

This is not really a potion its food that is really popular across Asia but it is believed to help with infertility.

I have to admit that I was forced to try this once in Chiangmai and my friend who could see my hesitation leant across the table and said don't worry it's good here they only use the saliva - no twigs at all!

Maybe it's an acquired taste........

Frog Juice

This is just a general frog photo not a scrotum frog.

This is just a general frog photo not a scrotum frog.

In Peru a frog nicknamed the scrotum frog is horribly hunted to the point of extinction to make a drink blended with maca fruit and honey promoted to increase fertility.

Luckily there are now conservation plans in place and the locals are really taking protectionism on board so hopefully this cruel practice will soon be a thing of the past.

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