Strawberry and crème features in new mini Kit Kat range

A summery flavor infused into an eventually melting form.

1y ago

I’ve always wondered why strawberries are coated with seemingly millions of miniscule hairs that make them look like the nose on a chunky orange cat.

Perhaps that’s the reason why strawberries go hand-in-hand with cream. Maybe centuries ago the glowing red fruit evolved from its captivity on the faces of felines and started a long and illustrious commitment to being eaten by eternally hungry humans. The hairs, too, are a wonderful invention for keeping cream trapped to the very skin of every strawberry, ensuring that none is ever wasted.

Because evolution is a constant process (it’s bound to reach Tennessee one day) there is now a totally new reincarnation of the strawberry and cream dream – and it comes included in packets of Kit Kat Miniatures.

The recently launched bags of scaled down Kit Kats include the flavor of strawberry and crème, which clearly shows Hershey’s endeavors to allow nature to effortlessly continue to develop. The new candies also have the extremely useful function of removing any of that annoying healthy, genuinely fruity stuff that absolutely no one wants to endure when they’re craving a crafty snack.

People with the memories of elephants may recall that in 2017 Hershey’s released six completely new chocolates that formed its Flavors of America collection, dedicated to six US states. California received the honor of being represented by the mighty Kit Kat Strawberry Crème bar, so it is very likely that the mini sweets will share a tasty resemblance.

As well as the sweetness of strawberry, the miniature range includes the flavors of Kit Kat Milk and Kit Kat White Crème. If the variety of flavors isn’t impressive enough, each bag contains 160 individually wrapped candies that should keep even the most ravenous of sugar lovers busy for a good sixty seconds.

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