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Widely considered to be the most prestigious award in the industry, judging for the 2020 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year has gotten underway.

Since 2011 the competition has been open to professional and non-professional photographers from around the world and has seen almost 60,000 images entered in categories covering all cultures and settings.

Judges include world class photographers and film directors, magazine editors, food producers, and chefs, each bringing their own wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

The overall prize, for best image submitted, includes a cash prize of £5000 and an invitation, including travel and accommodation, to the awards ceremony in London, along with the winning image being displayed in the Mall Galleries, London, as part of their spring exhibition. The winner will also have a comprehensive profile page on the competition's website, cataloguing some of their work.

There are separate prizes for each of the categories, too, which include the following:

Bring home the harvest

This category considers images depicting the gathering of food, including hunting, harvesting, and shopping. The 2019 winner was Kazi Mushfiq with his image, Harvesting Gold.

'Harvesting Gold" by Kazi Mushfiq, the 2019 winner of the category

'Harvesting Gold" by Kazi Mushfiq, the 2019 winner of the category

Here are a selection of entrants for the 2020 competition.

Champagne Taittinger Wedding Food Photographer

This category celebrates the central position food holds in marriage ceremonies. It includes images of wedding food, in any context eg cooking, serving, or eating.

Last year's winner was Tiree Dawson for this image, entitled Preparing for the Nightshift, and was taken at the wedding of Samuel and Parisa

Tiree Dawson 2019

Tiree Dawson 2019

Here are some entries for the 2020 round

Errazuriz Wine Categories

Errazuriz Wine have three subcategories in the competition, each related to wine. They look for anything that captures activities surrounding the production of wine.


This category refers to the people making the wine and could be the owner of a vineyard sampling his latest batch, or simply someone out in the fields working with the vines.

Last year's winner of this category was British photographer, Mick Rock, for this image, entitled Vigneron Pruning Vines.

Mick Rock 2019

Mick Rock 2019

And here are a few of the 2020 entrants


The second of the Errazuriz Wine categories looks for any place related to the craft of wine making. This could be anywhere from a vast vineyard to a tiny cellar.

Last year's winner was Jon Wyand for this image, Cleaning the Cuverie at Domaine Faiverley, Mercurey

Jon Wyand 2019

Jon Wyand 2019

Here are some of the places the judges will be evaluating this year


The last of Errazuriz Wine's three categories judges images that capture the production of wine, or the wine itself. Anything from the grapes on the vine to the wine pouring from the bottle, into a glass.

Alessandra Spairani was awarded first place in 2019's competition for this image, Il Fruttaio

Here are a selection of this years images

Food Bloggers

This category recognises the contribution to the culinary world made by bloggers. Awards are given for images that perfectly compliment the content within the blog and images range from ingredients, to the finished dish. Dishes may be home made or restaurant served.

Last years winner was Aimee Twigger for her image, Drying Pasta.

Aimee Twigger

Aimee Twigger

Here are a selection of images submitted for consideration this year.

Food for Celebration

Sponsored by Champagne Tattinger, this category embraces festive, celebratory food from around the world. This can be any type of celebration, from birthdays, to christenings, Divali, Chanukah, and all other celebratory events. The food can be at the preparatory stage, being served, or mid meal.

Last year's winner was Jianhui Liao for this image, entitled Cauldron Noodles.

Jianhui Liao

Jianhui Liao

And here are some of the entrants being considered this year.

Food for the Family

Nothing brings a family together like food and this category celebrates that by showcasing it in every context, from the every day dinner after work to a picnic in the sun, and even just little moments during a meal that embody the family atmosphere.

The winning image last year was Bonda Tribe, by Sanghamitra Sarkar, which captures the women of the tribe preparing food in a clay pot over a fire.

Sanghamitra Sarkar, 2019

Sanghamitra Sarkar, 2019

This year's entrants include the following

Food in the Field

This category looks for images depicting food as it is found in nature. This can be pigs truffling in the mud, fruit hanging from a tree, or undisturbed salt flats, for example.

Pumpkins at Sunrise, by Andrew Newey, took the top prize last year and captures the sun appearing through the mist, over a pumpkin patch in the New Forest National Park.

Andrew Newey

Andrew Newey

Here are some of the images submitted this year

Food Stylist

Food stylists are key to getting the perfect image and work closely with the photographer to get the best from any shoot. For this category, each stylist submits a portfolio of 5 images, for consideration by the judges.

Last year's winning image was In the Balance, styled by Kim Morphew and shot by Arthur Woodcroft, who described the image as "on trend fashion meets tutti frutti'

Kim Morphew, stylist

Kim Morphew, stylist

Here are some images selected from portfolios submitted for judging in the 2020 competition.

Fujifilm Award for Innovation

This is a British based award presented by Fujifilm, a brand renowned for pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering innovative instrumentation to enable users to do the same.

Qualifying images can capture anything to do with food, anywhere in the world and on any camera but they must represent the innovation that Fujifilm stands for.

Last year's winner was Michael Hedge with Broken Egg. This image was part of a collection, captured to illustrate the "delicate relationship between food, farming, and the countryside."

Michael Hedge 2019

Michael Hedge 2019

Here are some of this year's entries.

Intercontinental Food at the Table

This category appreciates some of the beautiful food on offer in hotels, restaurants, and gastropubs, around the world. Anything goes here, from a platter of tropical fruit in a beach front restaurant in the Caribbean to a plate of hand made pasta in a restaurant in Italy.

The first prize in this category from 2019 was awarded to Giles Christopher for Mussels Ready to Eat.

Giles Christopher 2019

Giles Christopher 2019

Here are a selection of the entrants for this category this year.

Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture

This category celebrates the finest in presentation of food and, if you've ever seen an M&S advert, you'll know this is right up their street! It can be any kind of food and it can be the most simple or elaborate of presentations of the most basic or complex meals, as long as it is striking and good enough to eat.

Nick Millward took the top prize last year for Tarte Tatin with Thyme.

Nick Millward 2019

Nick Millward 2019

These are some of the images entered for submission this year.

On The Phone

This award gives both amateur and professional photographers, using any model of phone, the opportunity to submit images taken whilst donating to charity. One third of the cost of entry goes to Action Against Hunger.

Last year's winner was Matt Wilson for this image, Rosemary Harvest, which is his son cutting rosemary from their garden.

Here are a selection of the entrants to the category

One Vision Imaging Cream of the Crop

This category is open to images with a single subject matter as the focus. One product and one perfectly framed image.

Simon Bajada took the top prize last year for this image, entitled Basque Heirlooms.

Simon Bajada, 2019

Simon Bajada, 2019

Here are some of the 2020 entries.

Pink Lady® Apple a Day

This category looks for the most creative, exciting images of Pink Lady® apples. Anything goes, the more inventive the better, and the winning image will be used by Pink Lady® in their annual marketing campaign.

Tiree Dawson won the category last year with this image of her daughter who has wanted her ears pierced for some time. She has called it The Girl.

Here are some of the entrants for this year's competition.

Politics of Food

This category offers the opportunity to highlight any of the issues faced around the world, related to food. That can be sustainability related, it may relate to inequality, or simply matters related to food production.

This image, Cow Tantrum, took the top spot last year and depicts a cow who had just been purchased at market. The creator, Martin Chamberlain, thinks the cow had begun to realise its destiny as it became more and more reluctant to comply with its new owners demands.

Martin Chamberlain 2019

Martin Chamberlain 2019

Here are some of this year's entrants

Production Paradise Previously Published

This category allows photographers the opportunity to showcase some work they have already had published. Production Paradise gives photographers a platform to showcase some of their work and provide a profile to publications who may be looking use their work.

Last years winning image was called Red Octopus and was submitted by Cosimo Barletta & Mayda Mason.

Cosimo Barletta & Mayda Mason 2018

Cosimo Barletta & Mayda Mason 2018

Here are a selection of images submitted for consideration this year

Street Food

Here you can find beautiful images of people buying and eating street food around the world, as well as the ingenuity and creativity of those selling their food to passers by.

Debdatta Chakraborty won this category last year with this image of Rishu Kesarwale working at his busy shack in Allahabad City.

Here are some of the 2020 entrants to this category

Student Food Photographer of the Year

Students at any college or university, studying a recognised photography course, can enter in this category to have their work recognised and the opportunity to have it showcased as part of the prize. They can take inspiration from any of the other categories for this entry.

Last year's winner was Chloe Dann with The Carnal Supper which "explores the corporeality of human eating habits and the role of the culinary arts in the relationship between nature and culture."

Chloe Dann 2019

Chloe Dann 2019

Here are some of the images in contention this year

The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action

This award is in memory of Philip Harbe. The UK's first TV chef, he encouraged people to get back in the kitchen and fall in love with food again, after the war. He also started out as a photographer. Images in this category should display food being prepared or served.

Last year's winner was Kazi Mushfiq for this image, Water Collecting From Street Pump

Kazi Mushfiq 2019

Kazi Mushfiq 2019

And here are a selection of photos from this year's entrants.

World Food Program Storytellers Categories

The World Food Program (WFP) Storytellers project is a citizen journalism project that gives young refugees the knowledge and tools they need to show the world what food means to them. By delivering online courses in various visual communication media and digital journalism, among others, they give these people what they need to not only engage with and share their passion, but also allow the rest of us to learn from their experience. There are two awards supported by WFP.


Photos entered for this category can depict any aspect of the contributors experience of food, including obtaining ingredients, preparing food, communities gathering to eat, or the sub-optimally fulfilled need for food in their community.

Last year's winner was Eder Estilmer of Guatemala with this image, entitled Water Stream.

Eder Estilmer 2019

Eder Estilmer 2019

Here are some of the 2019 entrants


This category embraces the humanitarian aspects of food from around the world. Images in this category come directly from areas in need of, or receiving, humanitarian aid and showcase how food fits into this.

Last year's winner was Avishek Das for this image of a woman working in a boiling hot rice processing field in West Bengal. It is called Food Processing

Avishek Das 2019

Avishek Das 2019

And here are some of the images submitted this year.

Winterbotham Darby Food for Sale

This category, supported by chilled food supplier, Winterbotham Darby, seeks images of food for sale. This can be any type of food in any setting from anywhere in the world.

This image, entitled Ramadan, won Elise Humphrey the top prize in 2019 and shows a market-stall holder in Indonesia selling fruit and veg during Ramadan. She has referred to the produce as 'forbidden fruits'

Elise Humphrey 2019

Elise Humphrey 2019

Some of the 2020 entries are shown below


Anyone can take a good photo. Yes, you can attend university and gather years of experience to ensure that most of your shots are world class, but if you have no experience and, in some cases, don't even have years on your side, there is nothing to stop you taking an image the world will want to see.

This category will accept submissions of anything to do with food so encompasses themes from all previous areas. It is split into 3 different age groups.


Last year's winner of the under 10 category was Joshua George who took this image, entitled Passion Fruit Love. He described having passion fruit straight from the plant as "tasty and fun"

Here are some of the images submitted this year


The winner of this age group last year was inspired having learned that chillies are a fruit! Jemima Painter has called this image FreshThai Ingredients

Jemima Painter

Jemima Painter

And here are some entries from this year


Last year's winner of this category was Lily-Mae Franklin, with this image, Always Have a Camera in my Hand

Lily-Mae Franklin

Lily-Mae Franklin

And here are a selection of entries from this year

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