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    Subway's Christmas menu features a six-inch pigs in blankets sub

    The 'Tiger Pig' is available until the end of December

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    Christmas menus seem to be popping up all over the place and Subway has decided to join in with the Christmas menu mania as well. There are quite a few cool and interesting options from Subway's festive offerings for this year, but the one that's really grabbing everyone's attention is a new pigs in blankets sub.

    The Pig in Blanket sub sandwich, also known as the 'Tiger Pig' (best name ever), is a 6-inch sub using Subway's new tiger bread, drizzled with a southwest sauce and with the obligatory pig in blanket in the filling. Like all Subway offerings, the Tiger Pig is fully customisable and it can even be had as a salad or a wrap if you so desire! It can also come in a footlong option if you need just that little bit more pig in blanket sandwich in your life.

    And who doesn't need a footlong pig in blanket sub in their life?

    Subway will also offer you a Pigs in Blankets snack pot complete with bite-sized pigs in blankets! For those of us who want something a bit more traditional, the Subway Christmas menu also includes the Turkey Breast Sub Stack (complete with crispy hash browns!) and the Turkey Breast Toasted Bite, a Christmas twist on a classic toastie that features turkey breast and melted cheese sandwiched in between a ciabatta roll. Lovely stuff!

    The festive food doesn't just stop at sandwiches either. The Chocolate Orange Cookie and Mince Pie Cookie are both back by popular demand and are now also available in the new 12-cookie box if you feel like sharing them with your friends or giving them away as a food-related Christmas gift. There are also festive drink options in the form of the Honeycomb Latte and Honeycomb Hot Chocolate, putting a lovely Christmas twist that'll warm you up nicely into two ever-popular drinks.

    Subway's Christmas menu is available up until the end of December, so if you want to try some of these new festive options you probably want to get ordering as quickly as possible! All of the Christmas menu options are available via delivery services as well as in Subway branches.

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