SunnyD is bringing back two summery flavors

Just don't ask what they're made from

36w ago

Remember drinking SunnyD back in the day and trying to convince yourself (or more accurately, your parents) that it was made from real oranges and therefore good for you?

Well now everyone’s fave purveyor of juice-adjacent beverages is bringing out two new flavors. Bringing them back, we should say, as they proved pretty popular last summer.

The makers of SunnyD, Harvest Hill Beverage Company, are releasing Watermelon and Lemonade flavors of the luminescent drink. The magenta and citrus colored bottles will be available from this month in stores.

“Last year’s smash hit performance made it a no-brainer to bring back these made-for summer, 100 percent fun limited-time flavors,” said Jim Gerbo, Chief Marketing Officer of Harvest Hill Beverage Company. “SUNNYD fans pride themselves on their bold originality, a feeling that’s captured in our Watermelon, Lemonade and the rest of our family of flavors.”

The Watermelon and Lemonade limited-time only flavors are available in 6.75-oz single-serve bottles and 64-oz multi-serve carafes.

Which new flavor are you going for? 🍉🍋🍉

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Comments (2)

  • Wow. I haven't had Sunny D in years. Didn't even notice they had different flavors hahahaha

      8 months ago
  • Didn't know they were still around

      8 months ago