Supermarket chain Morrisons has donated £ 10 million to food banks

That is a class act

1y ago

Morrisons is a very renowned supermarket chain in the UK. It is the largest producer of fresh produce and has now donated £ 10 million to food banks.

David Potts, CEO of Morrisons, said, “As a food manufacturer and marketer, we are uniquely positioned to help. We know that food banks find life very difficult and running our manufacturing sites for an additional hour each day to help them restock is the right decision today. “

© Steve Daniels

© Steve Daniels

While the donations to food banks has decreased, the need for food has increased and thus, food banks are going through a very rough phase.

Morrisons' in-store cafes are being converted to donation banks and the purchase limit has also been lifted to encourage donations from customers.

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