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Supermarkets are creating thousands of jobs in the wake of Coronavirus

The move will help to get many people back into work.

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To anyone who hasn’t been living in some far flung corner of the globe (like Cornwall, for example), these last few weeks it has been abundantly clear that shops are struggling to cope with the demand caused by the public’s reaction to Coronavirus.

Despite repeated reassurances from businesses and government officials that supply chains will not dry up, panic buying of goods including tinned food, bread and – more understandably – alcohol continues at pace.

Unfortunately, such demand is not being felt in the hospitality sector where thousands of workers from trades such as pubs, tourism and restaurants face a deeply uncertain future in the wake of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s order for these establishments to close.

One comforting aspect of these two Covid-19 consequences is that supermarkets in particular are taking steps to hire more staff in order to deal with demand, including people who are recently out of work.

In order to “feed the nation”, Tesco is looking for 20,000 people who want to work on a temporary basis to manage the Coronavirus demands. It also said it would be giving current employees a 10% bonus for the hard work they have already fulfilled.

Morrisons wants to find a total of 3,500 people to aid its home delivery service with roles such as distribution staff and drivers.

Additionally, Asda has announced it is looking for 5,000 new staff, especially from those employment areas affected by virus lay-offs.

The Co-op is also taking part, announcing 5,000 vacancies.

Meanwhile, 9,000 new staff members are being sought by Aldi, with 4,000 of the roles being permanent offerings. Lidl is looking to create 2,500 opportunities.

These offerings mean that tens of thousands of new jobs will soon become available in order to support what is rapidly becoming a nationwide effort of mutual support. With measures to address panic buying and job losses, this colossal industry effort should see the UK in good stead as the Coronavirus worries continue.

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