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Supermarkets are limiting sales of all food items

Meanwhile, Ocado has suspended its online delivery service due to Coronavirus demand.

1y ago

One of the common sights from the Covid-19 outbreak has been the widespread lack of toilet tissue and other assorted paper products from the shelves of shops worldwide.

Perhaps there is a psychological explanation for why people immediately clamber for toilet roll in a crisis. A job for the scientists once they have sorted out a vaccine for the virus, maybe.

However, the absolute reality is that plenty of other products are noticeably missing from supermarket stocks: tinned food, frozen food, bread, fruit and - of course - alcohol. Clearly, this presents as much of a problem for sensible consumers as it does for the stores trying to keep their aisles filled.

Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's are just three of the major food sellers that have started to introduce restrictions on the sales of products in order to preserve supplies. The companies have decided that each customer will be limited to three of every food product. So, cheese lovers are going to have to be more crafty in how they stock up their supplies.

Sainsbury's has also announced that elderly and vulnerable people will have home delivery spots prioritised over others.

Ocado, on the other hand, has had to take the drastic step of halting all online deliveries because of the unprecedented strain being put on the business. The company stated that its website was experiencing "a simply staggering amount of traffic", but that the online cessation would only be a temporary measure while boffins look to fix the website.

Possibly as a result of its competitors' problems, Morrison's has decided to expand its home delivery service with the creation of 3,500 jobs - particularly good news considering the global concerns of job losses.

With Covid-19 a crisis of total unknowns, developing situations could send food supplies into further chaos; so, measures to control further disruption should be viewed as fair and reasonable steps.

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