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Supposed gas leak in Australian shopping centre turns out to be a durian

Firefighters were called in to investigate the potentially hazardous situation, although it turns out the notoriously smelly fruit was the culprit.

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Gas leaks can quickly become incredibly serious incidents, so it will be no surprise that when a call was made to firies regarding a supposed leak in a shopping centre in Dickson – a suburb of Canberra, Australia's capital city – that saw the community told to avoid the area until the potentially dangerous source had been found.

What may come as a surprise though is just what the smell actually was. No gas leak was the source of the reportedly "pungent smell", but rather a resident above the shopping complex who had been cutting open a durian fruit was the source of the scent, as the crew found after an hour of searching.

Notorious for its incredibly strong scent that can linger for days and is regarded as either unpleasant and disgusting, or by some as being pleasantly sweet, the durian that was the source of this fire brigade call-out was located in a residential unit above the shopping centre, but The Canberra Times reports that it could be smelt from the carpark in front of it.

Most common in south-east Asia and known in certain regions as the "king of fruits", the imposingly thorny fruit that measures in at a foot long and half a foot in diameter has been banned in certain areas, such as on Singapore's rail system.

This incident wasn't the first time a durian sparked concerns for a serious gas leak in Canberra, with an incident taking place in 2019 when an opened durian fruit was found near an air vent in the University of Canberra library.

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  • I did try it and even brought it home. Family was not impressed, to say the least. It is strong smelling, but taste good.

      1 month ago
  • This only makes me more desperate to smell one and see what it's all about.

      1 month ago
  • Ohh yes... had this once in an aircraft (cargo) the entire cabin started smelling.

      1 month ago