Survey shows where Londoners want their first post-lockdown meal out

Is your favourite on this list?

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Hot Dinners, a London restaurant guide, has surveyed 1500 people to find out which restaurants Londoners want to return to first when lockdown ends. We're now six weeks into the lockdown, and the prospect of dining out is enormously tempting. In fact, the prospect of doing almost anything that involves leaving the house sounds pretty good.

What restaurant are you pining for during the lockdown? Read on to see if it made it to the coveted list:

1 - Hawksmoor

Claiming the top spot is Hawksmoor, a steak restaurant with locations in Spitalfields, Borough, Knightsbridge, Seven Dials, Air Street, and Guildhall.

About this restaurant, the survey respondents said the following:

"Who doesn't love a great steak, but the main reason is that when lockdown first happened and people were looking to buy vouchers to support them, they suggested that they would survive and to try and back small independents. And for that I want to buy my first meal from them."

- Madelene

"Hawksmoor for me is the definition of the London dining scene, friendly staff, warm interiors, central locations and simple yet delicious food. No one does steak better than Hawksmoor and it's something I'm struggling to cook to perfection at home. I would order the biggest T bone cut with all the sides and keep the Chateauneuf flowing."

- Joanna

"I have been there before and the steak was absolutely mind-blowing. Moreover, I receive their newsletter and their communication during lockdown has been earnest, moderate and encouraging. Excellent tone of voice and attitude."

- Jette

"Anyone who doesn't choose this restaurant wants to have a word with themselves."

- Anne Marie

2 - The Ivy

This is a restaurant renowned for its celeb-spotting status, and that's just something you can't replicate with a takeaway. Perhaps that's why the Ivy made it to the runner up spot on this list. According to Hot Dinners, this was chosen by people who, more often than not, hadn't eaten there yet

"The Ivy have created the very best Shepherd's Pie. Missing it loads!"

- Kathryn (possibly Tate)

"My favourite, always a great meal and a great evening"

- Wayne (possibly Rooney)

3 - Dishoom

The popularity of Dishoom is made clear by the queues that stretch from the door of each of their establishments. They have restaurants across London, in King's Cross, Covent Garden, Soho, Knightsbridge, and Shoreditch, and are loved by many for their exciting food and electric atmosphere.

"There is nothing like the atmosphere of the bustling Dishoom restaurants, especially the King's Cross site. Alongside the fabulous food and drink offerings this is the perfect antidote to all those nights cooking at home."

- Suze

"It used to be part of our weekend ritual. To go out for a walk into town on a Saturday, dither around deciding where to eat, and invariably end up in one of Dishooms in central London. The perfect food, perfect service, perfect ambience, it always felt like a treat!"

- Matt

4 - Brat

This trendy spot on Redchurch street is the stomping ground of East London's most well-heeled and discerning residents. It's loved for its wood fire cooking and close-quarters dining room.

"I dream of sitting in this lively restaurant, surrounded by happy people enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures. I’ll make my way through their glorious menu, chatting to the waiters, enjoying delicious natural wines and being beyond grateful to be out of my little flat! The simple things are the ones I miss most. Counting down…"

- Caitie

"Being stuck in a small flat, wood-fired food isn’t really an option! Dreaming of young leeks, whole turbot and smoked potatoes!"

- William

5 - Gymkhana

This Mayfair dining room had, unfortunately, only just reopened after being damaged in a fire when it was forced to close once more due to Covid-19. After being closed for so long, there's going to be a crowd of people looking to make up on lost time. Oh. and this is another restaurant where you ought to have your autograph book ready, by the way.

"It is my favourite restaurant in London. I used to go every year to Trishna, and Gymkhana when it opened, for my birthday celebration with my twin sister and was very sad when they had the fire. I had made a booking for March 2020 and was really looking forward to it."

- Matilde

"After never being able to get a table and then the fire which closed it, I managed to get a table for my other half’s birthday due to your newsletter letting us know when bookings opened. Then the virus whipped my plate from under my nose. We now have a couple of birthday celebrations and craving for spice to satisfy."

- Ian

The Rest

6 - Blacklock

7 - Quality Chop House

8 - Kiln

9 - Rules

10 - The Savoy Grill

11 - Le Gavroche

12 - Aqua Shard

13 - Bao

14 - Flat Iron

15 - Mildreds

16 - Benares

17 - Padella

18 - Smoking Goat

19 - Brasserie Zedel

20 - Moro

Is your favourite on there? Who's missing? Is it just me that's missing Franco Manca more than any of this? (yes, I know they do takeaway but it's not the same).

Let me know down below.

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