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Home cooking brought to you by
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Sushi is getting a very French makeover in Paris

Allow us to introduce the Mikki, a maki roll made for dessert

1y ago

Sushi for dessert? N​obody wants fish for afters, certainly not raw fish. It just doesn't make any sense! The minds behind L’Atelier Mikki, a new restaurant in Le Marais, Paris think differently, however, and had the brainwave to serve sushi as a sweet.

Thankfully they have actually omitted any marine life from their recipes. The Parisian twist comes in when the seaweed is swapped for a Breton crepe, and is loaded up with fillings such as apple and chocolate mousse, hand rolled and chopped into bite-sized rolls.

L’Atelier Mikki

L’Atelier Mikki

If the result lands somewhere between France and Japan, we can only compare this creation to Lefse — a sweet snack popular in Scandinavian countries that consists of thick cinnamon laced butter cream wrapped in pancake and chopped into small rolls.

The bite-size cultural mash-ups are available in handy boxes of eight at L’Atelier Mikki and they do savoury versions, too, topped with your more typical sushi trimmings – like salmon, avocado, cucumber and red caviar. And just when you thought so sushi so good, they have just started making rolls stuffed with chicken too. Are they taking the Mikki? We think not.

L’Atelier Mikki

L’Atelier Mikki

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    Seriously though, I might be willing to try that

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