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Swanky New York restaurant auctions off $50,000 dinners to help staff

Private wine tasting for $7,000, anyone?

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As covid-19 closures decimate the restaurant industry, many hospitality staff are having to file for unemployment benefits. Two of New York’s fanciest restaurant groups have found a new way to help.

They’re running charity auctions for things like private parties and home-cooked dinners - some of them gaining bids of more than $25,000.

Eleven Madison Park (headed by the three-star Michelin chef Daniel Humm) and Llama san and Llama Inn are soliciting donations from the wealthy for events like wine tastings and cocktail classes.

The Llama San page on 32 Auctions reads: “As we figure out ways to survive the COVID-19 crisis, we are desperately trying to find ways to help our staff. We are launching this auction to raise supplemental income for our employees that are most in need. 100% of the proceeds raised will go to our staff.”

“We don’t just want to ask for your money, but rather offer you something in exchange; whether it’s an artwork we have held dearly for many years, or our time and collective talent to teach you how to make amazing ceviches or mix the perfect Pisco Sour.”

Meanwhile Eleven Madison Park is auctioning items such as a private wine tasting for 10 people (that’ll set you back $7,000) or a kitchen stage for two followed by a wine-paired dinner (going for a cool $5,500). Or maybe you want to go the whole hog and splash $25,500 on a private party at Eleven Madison for 30 people. (These are for when social isolation restrictions lift, of course!).

And bidding is now closed on a five-course dinner for 10 people cooked by none other than chef Daniel Humm - that went for a whopping $50,000.

There’s another, slightly weirder, offer up for grabs too: for $5,000 you can go for a jog with Chef Humm. That’s right: apparently Humm’s second passion (after cooking, obvs) is running, so this auction item would see you going for an autumnal run in New York just ahead of the city’s marathon.

If you want to support the restaurant’s staff but don’t have that kind of money lying around, you can donate directly here.

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