Sweden has 'built' DIY pubs in the middle of forests and woods

That's such a Swedish idea, isn't it?

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Sweden is a lot larger than we think, stretching from the tip of Lapland to the Baltic Sea, nearly 1,300 miles further south and while the capital Stockholm and other major cities such as Malmö are densely populated, the rest of the country isn’t, which is where the new genius programme by Visit Sweden comes into place.

It’s called ‘The Drinkable Country’, 14 open-air DIY bars, consisting of tables located in the country’s most out-of-the-way spots where you can mix and enjoy your own drink. Ikea style.

The idea is to encourage travellers to forage their own ingredients and prepare their own cocktails while also experiencing Sweden’s nature in the middle of nowhere.

Jens Heed, Programme Director of Food and Travel at Visit Sweden, said “the country’s 100 million-acre pantry of fruit, berries, vegetables and crystal-clear spring water is open to everyone [and] our drink recipes, based on local ingredients, are created with a vision to reflect Sweden’s beautiful nature.”

“Together with local guides you can collect, mix and enjoy the drinks yourself, out in the world’s largest open-air bar stretching all the way from Sweden’s southernmost beaches to its mountain tops in the Arctic north,” said Heed.

Some of the ingredients suggested include spruce shoots, wild sorrel, sugar snaps, green birch, dandelion flowers, lilac flowers and wild cherries. Top-notch sommelier and mixologists will help you perfect the recipe on location: the stellar cast includes Rebekah Lithander, Head Sommelier at Mutantur restaurant in Malmö and Emil Åreng, creative director at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm and “Sweden’s Best Bartender” in 2015.

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