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Sweetgreen is rolling out bowls that actually are 100% compostable

The previous bowls contained a dangerous chemical called PFAS… which *never* biodegrades

1y ago

For my money, Sweetgreen dishes up some of the best salads in the country. They also make sustainability and locally-sourced ingredients a big part of their wholesome-y brand.

They’re doubling down on that image this week, with the news that the salad chain is developing a new line of biodegradable bowls.

But wait, aren’t Sweetgreen's bowls *already* compostable, we hear you ask? Unfortunately not. It emerged last year that the ‘compostable’ bowls that Sweetgreen and a lot of other companies use actually contain bad chemicals called PFAS.

Testing carried out by The Counter revealed that all fiber bowls contain PFAS, which don’t naturally biodegrade. They actually contain dangerous chemicals which are referred to as “forever chemicals”... because they may never break down.

So it’s very welcome news that Sweetgreen has teamed up with Footprint, a company that combats single-use plastic packaging to develop these new PFAS-free bowls.

They’re made from bagasse, an agricultural waste product, which is blended, heated, and covered with a natural coating so it won’t leak. They were rolled out in San Francisco earlier this year, and SG plans to have them in all stores across the US this year.

According to Fast Company, Sweetgreen cofounder Nic Jammet said: “Obviously, a big part of our impact is our packaging, and it’s something we’re constantly looking at and iterating and understanding how we can evolve it.”

Troy Swope, CEO of Footprint, said: “The reality is consumers and big brand owners like Sweetgreen are really driving change. They are in front of this. People want this. They want to do better.”

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  • This makes so much sense. I endorse it.

      1 year ago