Switzerland bans chick grinding

Switzerland is banning the egg Industry from grinding live chicks

2y ago

T​he Swiss parliament voted to ban the cruelty shown to male chicks through the form of grinding them, as they are unprofitable in the egg industry.

While chicks are usually killed through the use of CO2 gas, Switzerland has been using the gruesome method of 'shredding' instead, which is now formally banned according to the country's politicians.

“This tendency to rear species only for the production of eggs or for meat turns animals into mere objects. It has led to absurd practices such as the shredding of living male chicks,” says the Switzerland's House of Representatives.

Daniel Würgler of GalloSuisse — which markets Swiss eggs — says, “We are working hard to find alternative options. We hope to find the best possible solution taking into account all aspects, including consumers, production costs, resources available, animal welfare, ethics, the ecosystem and so on.”

These kinds of barbaric acts are finally being cracked down upon. Hopefully there will be more rulings like this soon.

W​hat are your thoughts on this case?

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