Take a moment to consider this retro Playstation 1 lunch box

One for you and the kids to enjoy!

1y ago

I remember my lunchbox from when I was at school. It was a red box with a white handle and sliding lid. No, it wasn't particularly fancy and no it wasn't themed but it did the job, and did it well. In fact, I often wonder where that went as it would make a great beer cooler.

Anyway, if I were to buy one now, it would have to be this one. The Japanese lunch box company, Bento have come out with this awesome little retro lunch box which looks just like a Playstation One from back in the day. While you won't be able to play Crash Team Racing on it, you can imagine you are while chomping on a ham sarnie.

This lunch box also includes a divider and an elastic band with the PlayStation logo on it which keeps it closed. I think it would be cool if the disc drive would spring open in order for you to take out your frube and a cheese string, but unfortunately it doesn't.

Would you by this? (for yourself or your child?) - We won't judge...

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Comments (5)

  • The germaphobe in me can’t even look at this picture.

      1 year ago
  • Nah. I still got all my old lunch box’s. One is even made out of metal. Circa, 1983.

      1 year ago
  • Amazing how something so nostalgic and retro can be reused in the modern world.

      1 year ago
  • Nope. I’ll keep it to myself. Sorry 😐

      1 year ago
  • As long as it doesn’t crash 🤔

      1 year ago