Home cooking brought to you by
Home cooking brought to you by
- Chrissy and her mom Pepper

Take a peek inside Chrissy Teigen’s pantry

Chrissy's mom Pepper reveals what she makes the TV star for a 2am snack

2y ago

A 50lb bag of Thai rice, tiny fish sauce, dried seaweed, bamboo shoots. Those are some of the things that go into making Chrissy Teigen’s mom’s delicious dishes.

Pull up a chair and hang out with the TV star and her mom, Pepper, in their pantry as they have a drink and reveal the staples of Thai home cooking. You even get to find out what Chrissy eats for a late-night snack.

The video was posted on Chrissy Teigan’s awesome Cravings site, which launched earlier this month.

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