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T​ap Water Review: Kripsy Kreme

Y​ou didn't think I just got a free donut, did you?

Max Ruse posted in Drinks
1w ago

When one is presented with something free in life, it is often best practice to accept the single thing, be grateful, enjoy it, and move on. So w​hen I was presented with the option of a free donut, did I stop there? I decided to ignore my own advice and go a bit further. What did I get? Why am I even bothering with made up suspense, you know what I got- I got a free water, and it was bad.

I​f you are really getting bored, fed up, and generally sick and tired of these reviews but still might like to know the answer, here it is: donut good, water bad. There, that is it, the answer you desired. However, if you wish to perhaps read a bit of satire and general rambling, read on for another paragraph. Much like Wendy's, the water from Krispy Kreme was great, but the ice was abysmal. The taste was putrid- sulphuric, metallic, and almost gag worthy. With the ice being as bad as it was, it ruined the water in general, much to my disappointment.

I am ashamed to say it, but I didn't make it through the above cup of water. I donated the contents of the cup to the sink, and the cup to the trash can. I am ashamed at my wastefulness, but I also was not going to subject myself to that flavor any longer. In short, like I stated above, Krispy Kreme makes tremendously tasty donuts, but I would stay away from their tap water, unless you enjoy the taste of liquid garbage.

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Comments (14)

  • Hahaha you should have followed your advice 🤣

      13 days ago
    • Haha this was a great example of what happens when you do ignore your own advice 😆

        13 days ago
  • I am certainly enjoying your tap water reviews. 😊 I'm beginning to wonder if there's something in the way commercially made ice is made that lends to that weird off-taste? Maybe the ice comes bagged from elsewhere?

      13 days ago
    • Thanks Jeannine! I kind of wonder the same, although Starbucks generally appears to be the outlier as their ice is tasteless (perhaps one of the only things in life that you want to be tasteless haha)

        13 days ago
  • Keep the series going! Definitely one of the best on Foodtribe

      11 days ago
    • Haha thanks a lot man! I wonder how many people think I’ve totally lost it writing these

        11 days ago
  • Even the coffee sucks there. Stick to doughnuts 😊

      13 days ago
  • Good thing I don't like donuts so I'm not at risk for drinking the water.

      13 days ago