Tarte Tatin

Great shortcrust pastry with apples which will warm your heart during cold days

I love to try new recipes from all around the world posted by other tribers. As I haven't baked since long long time, again. I decided top prepare for the first time Tarte Tatin posted some time ago by Aurelie Saboureau.

Recipe is really nice and easy to prepare, good idea for such weather like most of us have at the moment.

Only what I changed yesterday was adding, eggs to shortcrust dough ,added some vanilla extract to apples and a bit butter to sauce. Tarte is done in similar way that I did once in the past but it was sponge cake and instead of caramel was jam and pineapple. While dough was at fridge, I started preparing apples with cinnamon as well as caramel sauce. I peeled 5 apples into halves and added 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavour and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and rubbed them a little bit that they all were covered with mix. Set them aside for a moment and meanwhile I prepared caramel sauce.

Everything was so exciting to me because I have never had an occasion to do caramel sauce ( because I'm not a big fan of caramel stuff etc) but I did it anyway. I started with melting sugar for caramel when everything started turning into gold colour I added some butter, mixed till butter melted and added apples covered with cinnamon and vanilla flavour. Smell of cooking apples, caramel, cinnamon and vanilla was literally at whole home. Something great - true autumn vibes. By the time of cooking I had some visitors in the kitchen who wanted to see source of that amazing smell πŸ˜‚.

I was affraid that I used too many apples for one tarte that I would have leave some, but for sure they wouldn't be wasted coz' there were people ready to eat them all. Fortunately, everything went good - according to my plan and apples fit perfectly into baking tray lined up with baking paper. On apples I put rolled out shortcrust dough and I pressed some edges so that the caramel sauce didn't run off.

I baked tarte in 180Β°C for 25 minutes until tarte turned out a little bit gold. When everything was ready I put on the top a plate and turned the tarte over. I garnished the tart with roasted almonds.

I served tarte warm and of course with vanilla ice cream

Tarte Tatin

Definitely great sweet treat - no doubt about it. It wasn't so sweet that's good, literally melts in your mouth- just wonderful feeling. Everything fits together perfectly apples, cinnamon, vanilla, crunchy roasted almonds it is the perfect combo. For sure I'm going to serve it on family parties and Dear Aurelie, thank you very much for posting your recipe - everyday I learn something new!

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