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Taste & Review: Cuppa Chai

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Voodie Vie posted in Drinks
4w ago

Chai Latte is just one of the most incredible drinks you can experience. Granted its not everyones cup of tea literally! but it has some amazing health benefits as well as warming the soul. The ginger is perfect for helping the stomach and circulation, cinnamon for anti inflammatory and blood pressure reduction. Fennel for the heart and star anise for digestion.

As soon as the weather gets colder I reach into the cupboard and dig out the Chai lattes. We were approached by Prem to try his Chai and take some shots for him. So we couldn't refuse as we love helping small businesses out and helping them create some content or images which will hopefully see their business grow.

I have to admit we have never brought chai tea from independent sellers we have always reached for the brands in the supermarket. Which I have to admit doesn't always work out well as I find the mass produced chai teas have far to many over powering spices, especially ginger. Quite often there's just too much ginger and not enough balance of flavours.

The best way to make a chai tea is to heat milk or in our case we used oat milk until its bubbling away. Remove from the heat and place into a teapot and let it sit with the spices for 5-8 mins. We used this special teapot which is designed for leaf tea, alternatively you can place the spices into the milk whilst boiling and then sieve whilst pouring into cups.

Cuppa Chai

This has to be the best Chai I have tasted yet.... Such a smooth drink, the spices just work with each other and there is no over powering ginger!! Its comforting, warming and delicate in flavour. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a winter warmer this year or even looking for a drink which ticks some health boxes.

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Comments (7)

  • I would try it, I do like a strong ginger flavor though😀

      1 month ago
    • Well worth trying and its interesting peoples takes on flavours I wonder if there is ever the ultimate brand which everyone likes…

        1 month ago
    • It's sounds that way! Now doubt it unfortunately 🙄

        1 month ago
  • I may have to try this.

      1 month ago