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Tastes like Heaven but looks erm...

... Shit?

Steven Hume posted in Meat
2y ago

Ingredients (whatever stuff wasn't mouldy or out off date)

1/2 lb of Braised Steak (of unknown origin)

1 Low Fat Vegetable OXO cube and a bottle of Beef Stock with 3 tbsp. left in it

4 Carrots, 6 Potatoes, 2 Onions and 8 Mushrooms

Some kind of "Woody" flavoured Coke mixer thing (no idea who bought it or when)

Some Turkey Bisto Best that's been there since last Christmas

Fry Light Chilli Oil (bought by accident so rarely used)

Some ready made Yorkshire Puddings from either Lidl or Aldi (not sure which one)

Pepper mill filled with Pink Salt, Peppercorns and I assume what looks like Chilli.


1- Look in the fridge whilst hungrily swearing that nobody gone f$%£@ng shopping.

2- Spray Chilli Oil into a (thankfully large) hot cast iron pot, add steak, brown then add beef stock.

3- Add 1 pint of boiling water then mix in 2 tbsp. of Bisto and the mushrooms after chopping.

4- Think "sod it, could work" pour in the Coke, then put into hot oven at 180c (always works)

5- Chop Onions, Carrots and Potatoes then tip into Pyrex dish (season with Salt/Pepper/Maybe Chilli)

6- Pour 1/2 pint of water mixed with OXO cube (and what little dregs you can get out the beef stock bottle) over veg, cover with tin foil and then put into oven also.

7- Leave for an hour before realising you need that bloody Pyrex dish for the Yorkshire puddings in the freezer... so take out everything, tip all the veg and stock into the meat and put meat back into oven for another hour.

8- Clean dish with shampoo (no shopping, no fairy) whilst telling yourself you meant to do step 7 then put Yorkies into dish, spray lightly with chilli oil and sprinkle the seasoning mystery mix over them.

9- Put Yorkies into oven 15 minutes before taking out the beef and veg.

10- Don't look at the contents inside the pot, it looks awful (but smells good) just stick the Yorkies into a pasta bowl then scoop some of the meat/veg mix out of the abyss and place it over the top of the puds.

11- Eat the experiment you've created, be surprised it both tasted awesome and didn't poison you.

12-Proclaim your accidental cookery black magic to be worthy of internet and foolishly show it to the world.

It's 50% Vegetarian so you could share it with everyone

It's 50% Vegetarian so you could share it with everyone

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  • That doesn't look bad at all!

      2 years ago