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Tefal's Long Lasting non-stick pans: A nostalgic and everlasting companion

Every household has grown to love that iconic red spotted pan, and it's clear why

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For me, stress release has never been a run around the local park or a candlelit meditation session. It's often spent in the kitchen of my two bedroom flat, rustling up something from my imagination that I’ll probably never cook as well (or as badly) again.

I’m certain that all other cooking lovers have an unnecessary amount of kitchenware like me. Fancy crockery, seven different sized wooden spoons, a million baking trays crammed precariously into the oven… the list goes on.

I have recently moved. Not only is moving one of the most stressful experiences ever, but it also makes us painfully aware of the incredible amounts of clutter we allow to build up in our homes over time. For me, it was the kitchenware that got the chop (yes I'm as clutter-some as I am punny), and more specifically, pans.

How can one person need nine frying pans? We won’t go into detail about the saucepans as well, we’ll be here all day. Anyway, I made the decision to get rid of the ones I simply wasn’t using, or just *holds back tears* didn’t need.

A diamond in the rough

Among this insane pile of non-stick, stainless steel and griddle lines, was an old, slightly weathered pan with a big red spot in the middle. A pan, I can pretty much guarantee every home and household has a version of, stacked up in a jumbled kitchen cupboard.

This Tefal long-lasting non-stick pan was one of three of similar size and usage. I looked at them all desperately: the lilac spotty one my dad bought me from the Lidl middle aisle (if you know, you know), a simple stylish black one I got from a bargain store that burns everything, and my Tefal.

This pan was not clutter, this pan was – IS – essential: a necessity in life, and it was coming with me to my new home (alongside the lilac one, because who doesn’t love lilac?).

Memories of a pan

I was given my first Tefal non-stick pan when I started my undergrad. Second hand. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a Tefal non-stick that wasn’t, but you wouldn’t know it. Everything always cooked so well. Even when I wasn’t on the ball, and left some Saturday morning sausages unattended (probably to tend to an awful freshers hangover), the pan never let me down.

I never knew how old that pan was, and who cared? Even after a year in University halls, it still looked pristine. So good in fact, that someone snapped it up when they moved out before me, and I never saw it again. I couldn’t even blame them, I probably would've done the same.

The second-chance Tefal pan I own today was given to me in a very similar way: from my partner's Aunt who was getting rid of her son's old uni stuff around the time I started my Masters. There was more than a whisper of nostalgia in the air, and when she handed me that iconic red spotted pan, I vowed to never lose it.

Reasons to love the iconic red spot

There is a reason why I, and so many others, love Tefal long lasting non-stick pans: aka the Tefal Unlimited range. It has long been stapled as the UK’s most durable and trustworthy pan, renowned for its titanium non-stick technology, and of course, that iconic Thermo-Signal that guarantees the most perfectly cooked dishes.

These specific pans have non-stick technology ten times stronger than any other Tefal non-stick coating, which makes it one of the most durable pans you can have in your kitchen. Accidentally put it in a hot dish washer? Doesn’t matter, it’s dishwasher safe. Forget to use the soft washing up sponge and went hell for leather with a wire scourer? Don’t worry, that non-stick isn’t budging – no scratches to be seen.

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But that’s all child's play compared to Tefal's incredible Thermo-Signal technology, allowing you to cook EVERYTHING to perfection. That big old red spot isn’t just for show, it’s there to indicate whether the pan’s hot enough to use: as the pan heats up, the colour will begin to change. Once that spot turns solid red, it's fry time. Like a little built-in timer, there’s no need to throw breadcrumbs in the pan to see if they sizzle, the Thermo-Signal does the work for you.

Temperature is essential in how our food colours and flavours disperse, making this little piece of thermo signalling a big gift from the culinary gods. Paired with the Thermo-Fusion induction base that allows heat to distribute evenly throughout the pan, preventing burn spots, it’s no wonder the pan’s been a best seller for decades.

The ultimate com-PAN-ion

Tefal’s long lasting non-stick frying pans are classic: like the Chanel tweed jacket of kitchenware – completely and utterly timeless. But they are also so much more than just pieces of clever aluminium, they’re like a companion. Whether you’ve moved into University and are nervously cooking your first meal in the scary shared kitchen, or you’re making your first fry-up in the first home you ever bought, that little red spot always seems to be there, sticking out of the moving boxes, cooking up all that comfort.

What stories do you have of your Tefal Long lasting non-stick pan?

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