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Tel Aviv is a joy on the food front. I tried a few of the usual suspects including Claro (my fave), Kitchen Market (loved), Dinings (outstanding) and the ‘other’ North Abraxas, Romano. I was there with friends who live nearby, and when you’re with locals you do what they do as well as what the food critics say. And so it was that I visited Abu Gosh restaurant in the eponymous village. This is a run down Arab village that offers warm hospitality to Jews. Jawid Ibrahim grew up in the village, headed to the USA in the 1990s to seek his fortune and promptly found it to the tune of $17.5 million when he won the US lottery. He came back to Abu Gosh and opened a restaurant. It’s large, it’s loud, it’s hot and they are queuing out the door even at 3pm. You sit, you order salads and kebabs and within minutes the table is groaning with delicious fresh salads, hummus, tahini, baba ganoush etc etc, and huge portions of tasty meat. We also had a stunning spiced and stuffed slow-cooked neck of lamb, Jawid’s grandma’s recipe that he had put on the menu to celebrate the Jewish New Year. Remember that this man is an Arab. You can be cynical and say he just wants to make money out of the Jews. Or you can revel in the beauty of Jews and Muslims living in harmony in this small pocket of Israel.

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