Tesco festive snacks are here – and we need them more than ever this year

Doug the dinosaur, Rainbow the unicorn and Ruby chocolate tray

15w ago

Christmas is just a few weeks away and most supermarket chains have already announced their Christmas range. Tesco, however, decided to up the ante by putting their products on the shelves in advance with an impressive collection of snacks, biscuits and crisps.

Our old friend and award-winning milk chocolate flavour 'Doug the Dinosaur' is back and he brought his strawberry chocolate friend Rainbow the Unicorn along. Alternatively, you can also get a selection of Belgian ruby chocolates, festive crisps, cheddar-flavoured crisps and caramelised chutney.

We start with a variety of cookie tins, yours for £4, such as Tesco Finest Sticky Toffee Pudding Filled Cookie Tin (200g) and Chocolate & Orange All Butter Shortbread Tin with creamy white, milk and dark chocolate chip (160g).

Gluten-free options are available, par for the course, including Free From Orange & Maple Shortbread Gifting Tin (160g), flavoured with Sicilian orange, sweet Canadian maple syrup and Belgian milk chocolate chunks; Free From Cookie Selection (264g), with Belgian dark chocolate with sour cherries & Luxardo Kirsch and Belgian white chocolate with warm Christmas spices and Free From Chocolate Christmas Tree Biscuits, which also happens to be the most affordable option because it will only set you back £1 for a 112g tin.

Tesco Milk Chocolate Doug the Dinosaur is back, £3.50 for 200 grams of chocolate, a milk chocolate character with Belgian dark and white chocolate eyes, and Belgian white chocolate eyes.

Rainbow the Unicorn is joining Doug the Dinosaur this Christmas, and for the same price of £3.50 for 200 grams of chocolate. Rainbow is made of Hollow Belgian white chocolate strawberry flavour with sugar-coated sprinkles.

A selection tray of Belgian ruby chocolate almonds is also available, (Tesco Finest Ruby Chocolate Tray, 305g, £6 ), made from pink cocoa beans with salted dark chocolate almonds, salted caramel chocolate cashews.

Some people have a real sweet tooth and some don't but no worries, Tesco got you covered with Christmas Crisps. A 200g bag of Tesco Christmas Tree Tortillas, for example, is yours for £1 only and you can also get a 150g bag of Tesco Finest Mature Cheddar & Caramelised Chutney on Crinkle Crisps, which is probably as delicious as it sounds, yours for £1.

Gluten-free options are available. A 150g bag of Free From Maple & Bacon Tortilla Rolls will set you back £1 and for the same price you can also get an 80g of Free From Cheese & Tomato Chickpea Popped Chips.

We've had a rough year, the least we can do is treat ourselves to a couple of Dougs and Rainbows. Or a couple hundred.

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