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Tesco reveals its Christmas food line-up for 2021

It includes everything from mains, sides, snacks, and more!

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Following on from a small Christmas in 2020 due to COVID-19, Tesco has plans to go all out this year on a winter feast to beat all winter feasts.

The brand's Executive Chef said: "Following a smaller Christmas in 2020, this year it's all about family fun and reviving festive traditions. We're helping those planning parties focus less on the kitchen and more on being the best host they can be by freeing them up to spend quality time with their guests."

So as a way to please everyone, Tesco has decided to make everything you would ever need from a Christmas dinner including party food, mains, and desserts and here they are.

Christmas party snacks

In terms of starters, Tesco has gone for two very safe but very exciting dishes. The first is Tesco's Finest Baking Brie which has been garnished with festive fruits including sweet fig, drizzled with a brandy glaze and topped with walnuts to finish. And if that's not enough for you, then Tesco also offers more cheeses to nibble on.

The second starter on Tesco's Christmas list are these amazing-looking Finest Mini Aberdeen Angus Burgers with pulled beef and Mexicana cheddar. This sort of finger food goes down a treat, especially at Christmas time.


As for mains and sides, Tesco has given us three options this year and not a single one is a disappointment.

Kicking it off is a maple-smoked Finest Scottish salmon glazed in a honey and orange glaze and topped with caramelised orange slices. Next, Tesco is offering a vegan option in for form of a Plant Chef Portobello Mushroom Wellington which is finished with a beetroot and cranberry stuffing and sounds delicious.

Last but not least then, is the king of the hour. What you're looking at here is a Tesco Finest Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown and Tender Cooker Thigh served with pork, onion and sage stuffing. We only have one word to describe that and it's 'spectacular'.

Anyone for dessert?

It simply wouldn't be Christmas without dessert and Tesco knows full-well about how important it is.

Included in this sweet-toothed range are things such as Tesco's Wicked Kitchen vegan Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Log finished in a layer of smooth hazelnut ganache, and the gluten-free Honeycomb Dome; a hand-decorated dark chocolate dome with crunchy honeycomb pieces and a chocolate biscuit.

Others include mince pies, Tesco's Free From Caramel Flavour Choc Smash Bauble, a Rudolf Chocolate Cake (with edible antlers) and any chocolates you can find in the food isles.

It looks like Tesco has us sorted for Christmas this year and hopefully it's a better one in 2021 with more people sitting around the dinner table as last year.

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  • Ooooo! Mmmmm! Um... is there anyone around to actually deliver this banquet, or are only a proportion of us going to enjoy the full Crimble? A shortage of lorry drivers neither occurs overnight, nor can be remedied overnight. In enforcing our inalienable rights over our sovereign lands, we lost the baby with the bathwater. All those bloody foreigners went back to their foreign countries. Amongst them were 100,000 lorry drivers. Now, agreed, the EU already had a driver shortage, but it was the same as our own driver shortage at the time. Now they've got 100,000 extra drivers making up their numbers, who are actually welcome across the entirety of the EU. So... Christmas may be more like the 'good old days', freezing cold and hungry.

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  • Is that 'Home cooking' or 'Home warming up'?

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