Tesco sets ambitions high in the goal to cut plastic waste

The supermarket giant aims to remove 350 tonnes of plastic per year. Here's how...

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The movement to reduce plastic waste has gained steam, and it's really not difficult to see why.

As one of the greatest contributors to environmental pollution, plastic has proven to be as dangerous as it is useful. With this in mind, all of the large supermarkets are taking big steps to reduce their use of plastic in an effort to minimise their impact.

The latest in a series of announcements from Tesco has seen them pledge to remove plastic from multipacks, finding more environmentally conscious ways of delivering these items. The overall aim is to remove 350 tonnes of plastic per year from their output, and the effort begins on 2 March.

Tesco is not in control of the packaging of all the goods they sell, so to help achieve their goal, they are working with a number of in-store brands to encourage them to rethink the way they deliver their items.

Two of these brands are Heinz and Branston, both of whom deliver a variety of items to our shelves, most of which available is multipack form.

Greenpeace UK, who have lead the effort to put pressure on the largest contributors to make changes, have welcomed the move.

Fiona Nicholls, a campaigner for Greenpeace, said, “It's great that Tesco are getting rid of multipack plastic packaging that's completely pointless and are also pressuring their branded suppliers like Heinz and Branston to do the same.”

When asked if this effort was enough, she added, “This is such an easy, common sense first step that all supermarkets should have done this long ago. We urge retailers to end the nonsense of double-plastic packaging on all products straight away, and be bolder by introducing reusable and refillable packaging.”

Is this enough? What more could be done to cut plastic waste?

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