Tesco’s Carrot Cake Filled Muffins

How does Tesco’s attempt to capitalise on Easter shape up?

1y ago

It would appear that Easter always causes an issue for confectionary producers as they desperately struggle to wonder up creative products to dip into the wallets of consumers. There are chocolate eggs and… er… that’s it.

If only these companies of international fortune had the money to invest in creatives to imagine new items to fill the aisles with sugar. Maybe we should start a crowd funder.

Tesco has opted to rely on that typical British tradition of World War Two in order to bring Easter joy to millions. Back when bombs were raining down across the country, carrot cake was a useful treat easily made from vegetables that could be grown in anyone’s backyard. Moving forward by going back eighty years, good work Tesco.

There were two muffins in the box for £1.50 – which seems like quite a lot, bearing in mind you can buy four muffins for a pound from Asda. The box was hardly a display of luxury either, quaking under the pressure of being held by my stick-thin fingers.

Each cake was sprinkled on the top with white stuff, which could literally only be flour or sugar as there are no other white powdery substances known to man. Additionally, they were topped with a small quantity of hardened cream – but no nuts, as should be expected for any cake worth its weight in carrots.

Within, there was more cream to be found – softer, but in similarly dismal dollops. As well as the expected carrot specs, the necessary green and black chewy things that are found in the best carrot cakes were in plentiful supply throughout.

The sponge was pleasantly soft and there was just about enough taste to register as being from a carrot cake. The cream mixed in well to give a sweet taste, but really was lacking. All in all, it felt like the muffins had been created on the cheap with a priority to boost profits rather than customer satisfaction. Just the sort of ideology to represent a religious festival.

Also, (a pedantic point, I know) but – as the name suggests – how can a muffin be filled with cake? Surely cake stuffed with cake is still just cake.

With a daft name, little taste or substance and a relatively expensive price tag, you’d be better off just sticking to the same old chocolate eggs this Easter. Change is never a good thing.

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  • Nice review - thanks

      1 year ago
  • Sounded like a good idea..shame they didn't do better with it.

      1 year ago