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Thai Basil Chicken Recipe

A simple, easy, yet delicious recipe for a family favourite.

Marcel DSB posted in Thai
33w ago

Thai food has a special place in my 'foodie heart'. I love the how extensive the style of cooking is, the range of spices used and how it tends not to be too rich or offensive to the senses. However, what I find a tad frustrating when it comes to cooking Thai food, as with many Asian cuisines. is the complexity of sourcing the right ingredients, and frankly, attempting to cook Thai food 'local' ingredients just doesn't work. So when I came across a recipe for Thai Basil Chicken, I was inspired and tailored it my way. All the required ingredients can be bought at the main supermarkets - result!

Tips: ensure that all the sauce condiments are used to ensure authenticity. Thai basil is particularly important. Unfortunately, regular basil won't cut the mustard. Holy basil is even better, but very hard to source outside of Thailand. Waitrose and Sainsbury's sell Thai basil. Waitrose is particularly excellent for Thai specialist ingredients.

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Comments (2)

  • Thai food is delicious. That looks great.

      7 months ago
  • I love thai food..I might make that, I think I atleast have some dried thai basil. That will need jasmine rice ūüėĀ

      7 months ago