- A​bsolutely slightly above average.

T​hai spicy chicken noodle soup but with exotic mushrooms instead of chicken and no beansprouts (because they'd sold out) was pretty good actually

T​he proper version of this is in my forthcoming book.

44w ago

I​'m not quite sure what sort of mushrooms these were. I bought them as a job lot from a nearby minimart, and as chicken was becoming a bit boring in the May household I decided to use them instead in this Thai chicken (ie mushroom) noodle soup from my forthcoming book.

I​n truth, the mushrooms were a bit too subtle for the spicy sauce, but apart from that, it was very tasty. If you try this, stick to chicken, as instructed in my forthcoming book.

A​ctually, I hadn't saved quite enough chicken stock from the last roast we made. It should 'swim' a bit more than this. The correct proportions are in my forthcoming book. But apart from the mushroom substitution and low stock levels, it more than all right.

A​lthough there weren't any beansprouts in it, and my forthcoming book specifies them most emphatically. But apart from the mushrooms, the paucity of stock, and the missing bean sprouts, it was good to go.

I​n the interests of complete transparency, I should admit that my forthcoming book prescribes plain rice noodles. I used shrimp rice noodles, because that's what was in my cupboard. But apart from the mushrooms, the meagre stock, the absent bean sprouts, and the wrong noodles, it was exactly as described in my forthcoming book.

W​hile I'm here, my forthcoming book states quite clearly that you should garnish the finished soup with some chopped coriander, but I'd used mine up on the chicken curry. That's a shame, because coriander definitely 'lifts' the final flavour a bit. But it's not the end of the world. Apart from the mushrooms, the short measures of stock, the missing bean sprouts, the wrong noodles, and the no-show coriander, it was bob on.

W​hy not try this at home? It's simple and nutritious. The recipe is in my forthcoming book.

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  • . James, a good mushroom to use which I would recommend is called Shiitake mushrooms. I've used them in homemade ramen and noodles etc and they go very well! They have a good texture and great taste to them, and don't go unnoticed in spicy food.

    Can't wait for the book!

      10 months ago
    • We eat shiitake mushrooms all the time. Really nice strong flavour

        10 months ago
  • Hello Bim, I gather you have a forthcoming book. Where might one obtain a copy. Sincerely, The Queen

      10 months ago
  • Thanks for telling us about your forthcoming book I was worried I could run the risk of forgetting about your forthcoming book. But now I am fully aware of your forthcoming book, I will be sure to buy a copy of your forthcoming book.

      10 months ago
  • Well a good cook improvises and as long as it tastes good it always a hit can’t wait for the book

      10 months ago
  • So Mr May, are the rumours true that you have a forthcoming book? I feel you might have slightly hinted about it in this and a couple of previous posts.

      10 months ago