That Boutique-y Whisky and Rum Company launches wine cask series

We tasted our way through the range – here are our highlights

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It’s always an exciting day when there’s a new Boutique-y Whisky and Rum release. And that day, is today.

This series is all about whiskies and rums finished in a variety of wine casks. Some have spent their whole lives in wine casks (full maturation), and some have spent a bit of time absorbing all that deliciousness (finishing).

There are 10 whiskies from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Italy, Scotland. It’s a properly global affair.

The wine casks used are pretty varied too, with the likes of Pinot Noir, Marsala, Oloroso sherry and Sauternes.

Boutique-y Dave, aka Dave Worthington, brand ambassador for That Boutique-y Whisky Company said wine cask whiskies go really well with winter. For a long time, ex-sherry casks were the standard for maturation. Whatever wine cask you use will influence the flavour of the whisky or rum, and you might get some changes in colour too.

Oloroso sherry casks are the most common ones used, with whiskies matured in Oloroso casks taking up those darker flavours and some of the nuttiness from the sherry, as well as developing flavours like figs, raisins, and fruity notes. If you use a Pedro Ximinez cask however, you’ll get a bit more of a sherry sweetness to your whisky, with flavours of dried fruits and raisins. It can also be a bit oily, or syrupy.

On the rum side of things, there are four releases from across the Caribbean and Europe – including Boutique-y Rum Company’s first Dutch rum. Ooh. Boutique-y Pete, aka Pete Holland, brand ambassador for That Boutique-y Rum Company said he hopes the rums will be approachable enough for someone looking to step up from the big name brands, but also with that geekiness hardcore rum fans love too.

The range is available to buy from 19 November on Master of Malt.

We tasted our way through the range – here are our highlights:

The Flying Dutchman Rum, 4-year-old, batch 1

This is the first rum release from The Netherlands for Boutique-y Rum, and definitely the first Netherlands rum we’ve tried. It’s from the Zuidam distillery.

The distillery has to import the molasses, as sugarcane doesn’t grow in The Netherlands. It’s then matured for four years in ex-Pedro Ximenez casks.

And it is one funky rum. The nose is amazing, and basically hits you in the face with a big bunch of fresh herbs, pine, and cinnamon. Then you get some pepper, tomato, coffee, sticky sweet pastries, Soreen and some fennel on the palate. The finish hits you with more spice, like being in a Christmas bakery.

Available to buy from Master of Malt for £59.95.

Balcones 2-year-old – That Boutique-y Corn Company

This is technically from That Boutique-y Corn Company, as it’s two years old, so can’t legally be called whiskey. The owners turned their workshop into their distillery, and they’re super passionate about grains of all descriptions, making beer and bread and all sorts. The spirit here is made with corn, and then is smoked, rather than smoking the grain. It’s had a nice chilled time in a Pedro Ximenez sherry cask before being bottled.

On the nose, you do get hit with that corn, and some dark fruitiness. But it also has a bold smokiness. Take a sip and you’ll get liquorice, torched wood, dark chocolate, breakfast cereal bars(?), and Parma Violets. That smokiness lasts long after you’ve finished sipping.

271 bottles available from Master of Malt, £69.95.

English Whisky Co. 9-year-old

This is a delightful single malt from the English Whisky Co. We do love a peated whisky, and this one is packing the peat. It’s nine-years-old, and was matured in an Oloroso sherry cask. It’s on the strong side, at 67% abv. You might need a few drops of water, at least.

It is so interesting. On the nose you get Savlon, cloth plasters, medicinal notes, like rummaging through your parents medicine cupboard at home after you’ve just eaten a packet of Frazzles. Then it’s onto your morning mocha that you might have accidentally thrown a bit of Chai into as well. On the finish it mellows out, with some lingering spice.

407 bottles available to buy from Master of Malt, £79.95.

Elsburn 3-year-old whisky

This is a rather interesting one, as it’s from Germany! Specifically from the Hammerschmiede Distillery, where people apparently queue around the block for their new releases. This three-year-old whisky spent its time maturing in ex-Marsala wine casks, which give it a rich, sweet and nutty profile.

It definitely doesn’t taste as young as it is. You get powerful, deep fruit and nut aromas – like taking a big sniff of a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar. There’s also some black cherry in there too. Take a sip and it is thick and oily. There’s charred wood, more richness, dark chocolate, alcoholic sticky toffee pudding, a soury spicy sumac note, and that all carries on to the finish.

481 bottles available to buy from Master of Malt, £99.95.

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  • Whisky for me but 67%! Ooph!

      18 days ago
  • Sounds very interesting, particularly Sauternes barrels. Sherry and Pinot Noir are quite common, but I never came across anything in Sauternes barrels.

      18 days ago
  • Now this sounds like a fine afternoon’s entertainment!

      17 days ago
  • I want this

      18 days ago