The 2019 Great British Bake Off: three reasons why it's worth a watch

Watching this series will definitely give you a sweet tooth

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For those who aren't aware, The Great British Bake Off is a show that pitches some of Britain's best bakers against each other. The show is now is in its 10th series, where the winners of the competition have gone on to be multi millionaires and best selling authors.

The show usually takes place inside a tent, which sounds weird but hear me out. The tent is a large space equipped with tables, cupboards, fridges, ovens and even sinks. The appeal of this tent is the beautiful area of which it is located in, Welford Park in Newbury, Berkshire. The beautiful stately home once housed a monastery before King Henry VIII took it over in 1536 as his own deer hunting lodge.

1. Intimidating Judges

The show bases each weekly episode on a specific theme. The first episode was called 'Cake Week', one of the most popular themes in GBBO history. In this episode for example, the bakers were asked to bake a fruitcake, which isn't an easy task.

Paul Hollywood reportedly earns £9.1 million, a whopping nine times more than his co-stars.

Paul Hollywood reportedly earns £9.1 million, a whopping nine times more than his co-stars.

The winning baker however would be decided by Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. For those of you who don't know Paul Hollywood, he is not only a man with dreamy eyes but he is also renowned for his ruthless approach in judging. His famous 'Hollywood handshake' is only given to participants who have really impressed him, something that is becoming more often recently.

Prue Lieth will star in her third series after taking the place of the much loved Mary Berry, who was very well known for her motherly approach to baking as well as being extremely good at baking. Since her departure from the tent, Berry has gone on to write many record selling recipe books ranging from Christmas treats to birthday nibbles.

2. Determined contestants

For this years series, the average age of the contestants is 31, making it the youngest batch of bakers in GBBO history. Ever since the first series aired back in 2010, the driving force behind the show were the contestants who would stop at nothing to win the competition.

At the end of each episode, Paul and Prue nominate a 'star baker'. This award is given to someone who has shown skill and flair in their baking. Some contestants usually end up winning one or two, where some never even get close to a win.

The competition is really fierce however, with any of the 13 contestants able to be dropped from the competition at any given time. It really is tough. Not only do you have to impress two really harsh judges, you also have to deal with the time restraints - better withdraw my application then.

3. Complex Challenges

The episodes consist of three segments. The signature, technical and showstopper challenge. The signature challenge is the opening part of the show in which the theme of the week is revealed as well as the first challenge. Bakers have to follow their own recipe. The technical challenge is when the bakers are going in blind and they have to follow a specific recipe. The showstopper is at the end of the episode and it usually consists of bakers choosing their own design whilst they are given complete freedom to make whatever they want. The showstopper usually decides the winner of the day.

If you don't watch GBBO, I would seriously recommend it if you like baking. The program is available to watch for free on All4.

But with all these contestants, there can only be one winner. With this season of GBBO having 13 bakers, it will be really hard to predict who will win but who's your money on?

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