The 5 best BBQ posts from March on FoodTribe

The 5 best BBQ posts from Foodtribe's #BBQtribe

Doug F posted in BBQ
2w ago

Foodtribe, I know that BBQtribe was only around for sixteen or seventeen days of March and I know we just finished a massive competition but I still feel BBQtribe should have its first Top 5. In those sixteen days there was a absolute flood of great content. I will exclude the winners of the contest as I normally do for my other Top 5 posts. I will not be including my own posts for obvious reasons. Lets check out this fire cooked goodness!

#5 Nolan Carter: Burgers

It was nice to see our friend Nolan grilling some good looking little burgers instead of going to McDonalds. Keep it up Nolan!

#4 Alessandro Renesis: Cevapi

I have never heard of cevapi until this post but I must say it looks absolutely delicious. I also have to ask, has anyone seen a post of our friend Alessandro cooking before? You should do this more often Alessandro!

#3 Elliot Marshall: Tri tip

This was Elliot's first time grilling a tri tip and I think it looks very good. It has me looking at it going... Mmmm! Good job!

#2 Denise Perry: Brisket

Denise is no stranger to my other Top 5 lists and now she is on this top 5 as well with this fantastic looking brisket. Keep bringing us that goodness Denise!

#1 John Battersby: Jerk chicken

If you check out this post it will have you licking your lips. Knowing it lit John up tells me it has the spice that's nice. I want to eat that whole plate of chicken. Looks and sounds amazing John!

These are my Top 5 picks from BBQtribe for the month of March. What do you all think of my five choices? Tell me in the comments below. Go and check out these great people and show them some love and support. I hope you all are having a great week. I love you Foodtribe!

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Comments (12)

  • I need more 'que in my life!

    Thanks Doug!

      16 days ago
  • Good stuff! Thanks to everyone who inquired after my barbecued garlic prawn and beef burger by the way; I don't know where it is either.

      15 days ago
  • Thanks for including my post on here Doug! Some great looking meat on here

      16 days ago
  • Thanks Doug!!!!

      16 days ago
    • You are so welcome! Keep up the great work 🙂

        16 days ago
  • I should not be looking at this while I'm hungry!

      16 days ago