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The 5 best BBQ posts from May on FoodTribe

The 5 best BBQ posts from FoodTribe's #BBQtribe

Doug F posted in BBQ
2w ago

FoodTribe, it is time to pick another top 5 from our beloved BBQTribe, and you have packed it with some amazing flame cooked goodness, it was really hard to pick a top 5. Let's take a look at the best posts from FoodTribe's BBQTribe. I will not be including my own posts for obvious reasons. Get ready to drool!

#5 Denise Perry: spatchcock chicken

I love some grilled chicken! From the looks this has some nice crispy skin. No need for that salad just grill another chicken.

#4 Elliot Marshall: Filet mignon

Who doesn't like a nice grilled filet mignon? I know I could not turn this one down from our friend Elliot.

#3 Jane Fyffe: Cornish hens

I truly agree with Jane why share when you can have your own. After looking at these little beauties I want one for myself as well. Look at that flame shot!

#2 Simon Bingham: Grilled ribs

We all know Simon can do some great stuff on a grill and these good looking ribs just proves that once again. I want a rack of these!

#1 Darren Parsons: Mixed grill

I normally only pick one thing when it comes to the list but in this case I had to go with all of it. If I was forced to pick only one thing it would be the chicken. I am greedy and want it all!

These are my 5 picks from FoodTribe's BBQTribe. Do you agree with this list? Tell me in the comments below. Stay wonderful! I love you FoodTribe!


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