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The 5 best burgers from March on FoodTribe

The 5 best burgers from FoodTribe's #burgertribe

Doug F posted in Burgers
2w ago

Believe it or not, it's been another month. Here are my top 5 burgers posted to the Burgers Tribe over the month of March. There were so many good burgers it was hard to narrow it down to five. Great job you all! As before, I will not include any of my own posts, for obvious reasons. Let's get into this..

#5 Alex R: Burger Sunday

Alex declares Sunday as the official burger day. With how good this burger looks, I can't wait till Sunday.

#4 Christy Sanders Sarti: English muffin burger

We all know Christy is not afraid to improvise and try something new and this burger is another example of that.

#3 Denise Perry: Stilton Wagyu burger

I am a sucker for a wagyu burger, especially one with blue stilton cheese and Kewpie mayo. These could be the top 3 ingredients to a great burger.

#2 Darren Parsons: Minced steak burgers

I want one of these chunky steak burgers and it just so happens he made two of them. Simply a great looking burger.

#1 Simon Bingham: Dirty burger

Simon had a lot of fun with this over the top burger. I love simple and basic burgers but I also love when someone just goes crazy with a burger. It may be hard to eat but you will be smiling while trying. Great job Simon!

This is the end of another month and another top 5 burgers. Do you agree with my choices? Tell me in the comments below. I hope you all are having a great day. I love you FoodTribe!

Check back next month for the next top 5 burgers...

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Comments (22)

  • I need to a burger. That's what I got from this, this morning. Damn it! BURGERS!!!!!

    (I'm having a burger tantrum for need of cheeseburger :D )

      19 days ago
  • I want a burger now!

      19 days ago
  • Thanks Doug. These all look good. Thinking of making some Mushroom Swiss burgers next week. Stay tuned (they’re my favorite)

      19 days ago
    • You are welcome! Yes everyone done a great job.

      Those sound great! I can not wait to see them.

        19 days ago
  • Nr 5 looks the most delicious!! BUT looks can be deceiving. Look at the latest vs video :D Lucy's sandwhich looked a lot better but still couldn't defeat James sandwhich

      19 days ago
  • My number 1 was your number 2 because big burgers should be wider, not taller 😅. Thanks for mentioning me here again. Can’t wait for my burger Sunday 😂

      19 days ago
    • I do understand that! I had some hard choices this month. You are so welcome! I think you have been somewhere one the list since the beginning, that is something to be proud of. 😁

        18 days ago
    • Haha you always have some tough decisions to make, the more I‘m happy about participating

        18 days ago