The 5 best burgers from May on FoodTribe

The 5 best burgers from FoodTribe's #burgertribe

Doug F posted in Burgers
2w ago

Believe it or not, it's been another month. Here are my top 5 burgers posted to the Burgers Tribe over the month of May. There were so many good burgers it was hard to narrow it down to five. Great job you all! As before, I will not include any of my own posts, for obvious reasons. Let's get into this.

#5 Darren Parsons: Chocolate chip burger

I like when people think outside the box and that is exactly what Darren done with these. Never be afraid to experiment.

#4 Simon Bingham: Stacked burger

Simon brings us another well stacked burger. I like the melty cheese dangle!

#3 Denise Perry: Stilton & Bacon Burger

Stilton, bacon and beef is a wonderful combo. Denise you can make me one of these anytime.

#2 Christy Sanders-Sarti: Patty Melt

I do like a good patty melt at times and this one makes me want to indulge in them far more often. Is this the first patty melt to make it on the list?

#1 John Battersby: smasholicous burger

We all know John has mastered the smash burger but he took it to the next level with this one. I will drive to Georgia for one of these John, Seriously!

This is the end of another month and another top 5 burgers. Do you agree with my choices? Tell me in the comments below. I hope you all are having a great day. I love you all!


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Comments (30)

  • I would be honored to have you!

      16 days ago
  • I declare we're all getting better at burgers with each passing month - myself excluded

      16 days ago
    • I agree! It seems every month it gets tougher to choose the top 5 and I couldn't be happier 😀

        16 days ago
    • It would help if you start cooking something.

        16 days ago
  • Thanks!!! And they all look so good.

      16 days ago
    • Welcome! Yes they do, this month was really hard to choose.

        16 days ago
  • Cheers mate. I'm happy with 5th. After all it was an experiment

      16 days ago
    • Cheers my friend!

      It was nice to something experimental. Often people are afraid to do something different.

        16 days ago
    • I like experimenting. U never know some creation might make me rich one day

        16 days ago
  • So great looking, all of them!

      16 days ago