The 5 Best Knife Deals on Amazon UK Right Now

Amazon is full of amazing deals for any level of chef. Check out these deals which are live right now.

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Amazon has countless knives, of countless varieties. There are chef's knives, santoku knives, butter knives, pen knives – even letter knives. Navigating this unfathomably large range can be tedious; we all want to snatch the best bargains, but no one wants to scroll through tens of pages of results.

To save you the headache, I've compiled the 5 biggest bargains for kitchen knives on Amazon UK.

Joseph Joseph Slice and Sharpen Knives, 2 Set

This functional, simply designed set of two from Joseph Joseph is currently available with a 22% discount – from £35 to £27.38. Not bad at all, especially when you factor in the sharpener which comes built into the sheath of both the 3.5" paring knife and the 6" chef's knife. Any chef will tell you that regularly sharpened knives are essential in the kitchen, and with this set you've no excuses for letting those edges dull.

If you just need some simple, ergonomic knives for daily use, and fancy letting a bit of colour into your kitchen then these are absolutely perfect.

To see it on Amazon click here.

Kai Shun Chef's Knife

This knife is only 15% off, and is significantly more expensive than the last offering: the Kai Shun is £149.50, reduced from £175. However, it's still worth checking out, firstly because it looks so damn cool, and secondly because it is one of the best deals for high quality Japanese on Amazon at the moment.

This is a beautiful Japanese knife: the blade is made from 32 layers of damask stainless steel, giving it a textured finish, and the hardwood handle is full tang for extra durability and even weighting. Well worth considering if you're looking to get a Japanese blade in your utensil drawer.

To see it on Amazon click here.

Zwilling J. A. Henckels Four Star Knife Block, 7 Piece

This extensive knife block is available at a rather incredible 43% off, reducing it from £324 to £183.34. Again, this is substantial purchase with or without the discount, but if you work it out per utensil it comes to about £26 each, and that's not even counting the block they come with!

Considering the quality of these knives, all of which come with both the reputable Zwilling J. A. Henckels special formula steel and the company's market leading seamless synthetic handle – the pinnacle in ergonomics and safety – this is a bargain that must be had if you're looking to completely overhaul your knife collection.

To see it on Amazon click here.

Homgeeks Kitchen Knifes, 2 Set

The discounts continue to rise as this list progresses, as we go on to these two fantastic German knives. Discounted from £69.99 to only 29.99 – a 57% saving – these are a safe option for anyone looking for something midrange and high performing, but at a bargain bucket price. In the set is two knives: one 7" santoku knife (meaning it has a dropped point) and an 8" chef's knife.

Like the Kai Shun knife, these come with handles made of Pakka wood, although will be made to a far lower standard than the Kai Shun. For the vast majority, the minor quality short-fallings will be of no consequence. These are two great, everyday knives at an incredible price.

To see them on Amazon click here.

Everpeakz Damascus Chef's Knife

This last knife comes from the brand Everpeakz, which is one of those brands that only seems to exist on Amazon. However, if a lack of reputation is not an issue for you, you'll do well to pick up the bargain of the new decade on this knife. Reduced from £199.99 to just £59.99, this knife is currently at an incredible 70% off!

It's quite a looker too; the intricately hammered blade is quite a sight to behold. With its ergonomic handle, full tang blade and high hardness rating, there's no reason to doubt that this would be an incredibly capable knife. So go and take advantage of this outrageously good deal before it's too late!

To see it on Amazon click here.

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