The 5 best meat posts from April on FoodTribe

The 5 best meat posts on Foodtribe's #meattribe

Doug F posted in Meat
1w ago

FoodTribe, it's time to feed our inner carnivore. Let's take a look at some of the best looking meat posts from the month of April. I must say you all this was another really tough choice this month because you all really cooked up some goodness for April, I love it! Something new happened this month as well. These are chosen from FoodTribe's Meat Tribe. I will not be including my own posts for obvious reasons. Are you ready for this goodness?

#5 Brandon Maze: Bourbon marinated pork

This piece of pork looks so good that I would need at least one more piece.

#4 Daniel Bodenfors: Pork belly

I do love some crispy pork belly and this one looks and sounds great.

#3 Elliot Marshall: London broil

I do not remember the last time I had a London broil but after seeing this one I may have to change that.

#2 MT Blake: Chimichurri steaks

MT tried something new and it appears it worked out very well. I know I want one of them.

#1 Darren Parsons: Chicken and ribs

Our friend Darren is the first person to get number one two months in a row. He said there was other stuff on the plate as well but all I can see are these amazing looking chicken and ribs. Great job Darren!

These are my 5 picks from FoodTribe's Meat Tribe. Do you agree with this list? Tell me in the comments below. Stay wonderful FoodTribe! I love you all!


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Comments (18)

  • Well what can I say. Top spot again. And on sweettribe aswell๐Ÿ† thanks doug

      10 days ago
    • You are welcome! It appears you are doing well this month. Keep up the great work Darren!

        10 days ago
    • Thanks mate. I'll try and make it a hatrick this month

        10 days ago
  • Very nice!

      10 days ago
  • thanks for featuring mine on here! Everything looks super good!

      10 days ago
    • You are very welcome! Good job! Yes, they all look great ๐Ÿ‘

        10 days ago
  • Awesome choices!

      10 days ago
  • Congrats to all.

      10 days ago