The 5 best meat posts from March on Foodtribe

The 5 best meat posts on Foodtribe's #meattribe

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5w ago

FoodTribe, it's time to feed our inner carnivore. Let's take a look at some of the best looking meat posts from the month of March. I must say you all this was another really tough choice this month because you all really cooked up some goodness for March, I love it! These are chosen from FoodTribe's Meat Tribe. I will not be including my own posts for obvious reasons. Are you ready for this goodness?

#5 Jenn Wright: Guinness braised beef short ribs

I do love some ribs and these Guinness braised ribs look so good. I could eat all of those.

#4 Alex R: Chicken breast

Foodtribe I do not care about the lentils and beetroot, just give me an extra piece of that great looking chicken Alex.

#3 John Battersby: Corned beef

After seeing this beautiful piece of corned beef I knew I needed some corned beef in my life soon.

#2 Denise Perry: Stilton covered NY strip

Foodtribe you all know I do not like much on my steaks but this post makes me want to grab a wedge of blue cheese and a steak. I just hope mine would look as good as this one.

#1 Darren Parsons: Steak salad

Now that is my kind of salad! Darren shows the best way to make a salad better is to top it with a perfectly cooked steak. You can make me a salad anytime Darren.

These are my 5 picks from FoodTribe's Meat Tribe. Do you agree with this list? Tell me in the comments below. I hope you all are having a great Friday. I love you all!

Check back next month for another top 5...

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