The 7 best British dishes

The best British dishes that will go down in history

2y ago

Let's hear it for the Brits. We sometimes get a bit of an unfair rep for our food, but there are some great dishes and ingredients out there. Here are seven of the best comfort foods in the UK.

Fish and chips

A​ takeaway staple that you'll see in many seaside towns, fish and chips is a British classic. Some like it simple, some like as many condiments as possible. It usually depends on where you're from in the UK... The earliest known fish and chip shops were opened in London and Lancashire in the 1860s. There's now a National Fish & Chip day every year, and annual National Fish & Chip awards. It's still traditionally eaten on a Friday evening, but does seem to taste better when you're doing battle with some seagulls on a windy pier.


A​ go-to pub classic and a perfect dish for any lazy evening in autumn or winter. You can get pies in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of fillings, savoury and sweet. A recent study by Jus-Roll revealed British people eat an average of 2,160 pies over their lifetime. The nation's favourite pie is a classic beef and ale, but the apple pie came in second place. There's even a British Pie Week every year in March.

Sunday roast

A​ tradition that brings all the family together. A Sunday roast is the dish the UK is known for and one can't be neglected on this list. The roast dinner started as a meal to be eaten after visiting church on a Sunday. Some people think the roast dinner originated all the way back in Medieval times, and other think it became popular during the Industrial Revolution. Typical meats include chicken, beef, lamb or pork, served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings (arguments over whether these should be included with every roast), a variety of vegetables (carrots, parsnips, green veg are all common) and gravy.

F​ull English breakfast

The history of the full English breakfast dates back to the early 1300s...! It's the perfect hangover cure, if you can stomach it. A lot of people have incredibly strong opinions as to what should feature on a full English. Usually it consists of bacon, sausage, egg (fried or scrambled), grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, black puddings and baked beans. Just add sauce - ketchup or brown.

Tomato Soup and crusty bread

T​he smell of this one can't be beaten. Comforting, warming and soothing joy in a can. Tomato soup can instantly cure all kinds of ailments with its magical healing properties (not strictly medically accurate...). It's basically like a big hug.

Heinz tomato soup has been going for 110 years! It first went on sale at Fortnum & Mason, a department store in the UK, in 1910. Since then, Heinz has sold more than eight billion tins.

B​angers and mash

Bangers and mash is a warming, comfort food classic. It's​ simple, filling and perfect for a tasty weeknight dinner. All you need is some great sausages, creamy mash, some green veg and obscene amounts of onion gravy.

E​ton Mess

It's rumoured E​ton Mess was invented in the 19th century at Eton College and served at the annual cricket match they played against Harrow School. It's a messy mixture of strawberries, broken meringue and whipped cream. A perfect summer dessert.

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      2 years ago
  • You've given the world much to be happy about.

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      2 years ago
  • Don’t forget about the rest of Britain - e.g. Welsh Rarebit, Haggis

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