The 7 best German dishes

Deutsches Essen ist am Besten!

2y ago

I'm fortunate enough to have grown up eating a lot of German food, thanks to my grandmother, who cooks a lot of delicious 'Deutsches Essen'. You might think German food is all about hearty meat dishes and sauerkraut, but there's a lot more to it than that.

Here are seven of the best dishes to come out of Deutschland.


Everything about schnitzel is delightful. In general, a schnitzel is thinned meat which has been pounded by a tenderiser. It's usually coated in flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs, before being fried. However, in Germany, schnitzel refers to thinned cuts of meat in general, not just the breaded and fried ones.

Believe it or not, Wiener Schnitzel is a protected geographical indication in Austria and Germany, and can only be made of veal, which is the type you will see the most. You will also come across schnitzel made from other meats, including chicken, mutton, beef, turkey or pork.

My go-to is a Jaeger Schnitzel, which comes with a creamy mushroom sauce. I also love schnitzel with chips and a beer. The one in the picture is one I tackled last year in a small town near Frankfurt (tasty, but it needed more sauce).


If you go to a German event outdoors or a Christmas market, you have to get a currywurst. This is essentially a bratwurst which has been steamed and then fried, cut into small pieces, covered in a curry ketchup, and is often served with chips.

Fun car tie-up: the Volkswagen plant at Wolfsburg runs its own butchery, which produces around seven million currywursts a year!


Spätzle is essentially a type of pasta made from eggs. It goes down really well with a lot of cheese and meat on top, preferably a beef goulash.

It can also be used in sweet dishes: Kirschspätzle is made with cherries, clarified butter, sugar and cinnamon; and Apfelspätzle is made with grated apples in the dough, with clarified butter, sugar and cinnamon.


Kartoffelpuffer isn't the healthiest dish, but it's a great treat. These are potato pancakes which you eat alongside an apple compote. These are usually only found at street food or Christmas markets, but you can easily make them at home, with just a few ingredients.


Sauerbraten is roasted venison or beef with a thick gravy, served with cabbage and potatoes, Knödel (boiled dumplings) or Spätzle, which I mentioned earlier. It's almost like a German equivalent of a British roast dinner.


It might look like Spam, and be a bit like Spam, but it's not Spam. This is Lebekäse (which translates to liver cheese). It's a meatloaf and sausage hybrid, made from a mixture of corned beef, pork and bacon. Once fried, it's delicious served with a fried egg and chips or potato salad, or as a sandwich.


Rouladen is slices of beef rolled around pickles, onions, mustard, and bacon, before being cooked. It is normally served with Dampfnudel, which are large dumplings, and some gravy.

What German food do you love? Have I missed out your favourite?

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  • I've never seen Sauerbraten from venison, and I'm a hungry 48 y/o German living in the Rheinland (home of Sauerbraten). It is usually beef, the original is horse meat, but that it called out explicitely.

      2 years ago
    • Ahh yes. I have only ever had it with venison but I have heard about using beef. I’m not sure I would eat a horse meat one tho... I must also add that the Rheinland is a stunning part of Germany. My grandparents live just outside but we often visit...

      Read more
        2 years ago
    • I am from Rheinland as well, moved about ten years ago though. First japan, now Texas. I have to admit I always cheated, and bought the Sauerbraten from the butcher already in brine 😂

        2 years ago
  • Jäger schnitzel

      1 year ago
  • Beer.

      2 years ago
  • Schnitzel! Not once have I made Schnitzel for someone, and they didn’t like it! I don’t do the egg wash though. I roll in flower, dunk in milk and then in ground up pretzels. I use pretzels instead of bread crumbs because they are already salted. I have also used cornflakes and crackers on occasion, when I was out of pretzels or breadcrumbs 😂

      2 years ago
  • You forgot the Schneeballen! Anyone who has ever been to Rothenburg will have had a Schneeball, and will agree that they are heaven on earth.

    I need to move back to Germany...

      2 years ago