The Anatomy of a Hamburger 🍔

Or actually, it's just how I put it all together!

The burger consisted of two 80/20 Grass-fed/Grass-finished sirloin patties (double trouble burger!), grilled on an inside grill, with onion powder, garlic salt, steakhouse seasonings, mayo with olive oil, catsup (what sup cat 😸😜) and ground yellow mustard.
The hamburger bun was a Keto bun (though it'd be hard to tell the difference between regular and Keto), two slices of smokehouse cheddar cheese.
Along with some hot and spicy fried pork rinds 🐷, for that furnace mouth flavor 🔥,
along with some sugar free chobani strawberry yogurt.
The drink selections were some zevia sugar free ginger (makes me think of the character Ginger on the Gilligan's Isle old tv show) root beer and some gingerberry kombucha.
Below is information on kombucha (if interested)

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Comments (3)

  • Nice sounding burger, I would gladly eat one.

    I loved Gilligan's island!

      26 days ago
  • Gingerberry sounds like something I need to look for. Burger looks great!

      27 days ago