The Benefits of Vitamin D to Your Immune System

The benefits of Vitamin D to your immune system

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The Sunshine Vitamin D that is in fact a hormone which our kidneys produce, the hormone that is produced in our body is known by the name of calcitriol, ergocalciferol, calcidiol and cholecalciferol, and controlling blood calcium concentration, while benefiting our respiratory system even our brains where Vitamin D activates genes that regulate the immune system and release neurotransmitters; dopamine, serotonin that affect brain function and development and a whole host of other function across our bodies.

Vitamin D is produced by our bodies when our skin is exposed to sun light, and we produce massive amounts in this process, while in our food only small amounts can be obtained, and most of this is put in by the manufacturing process such as in milk and cereals, a recommended amount is 600 IU and only a handful of foods contain significant amounts of Vitamin D these include cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, canned tuna, beef liver, egg yolks and sardines, that said you would need to eat them nearly every day to get enough Vitamin D.

The best way to get Vitamin D is by sun and for example, in the UK, 15 minutes of midday sunlight exposure during summer three times per week is enough to maintain healthy levels among Caucasian adults and was equivalent to consuming 10,000–20,000 IU of Vitamin D the best time is around noon time, if you cannot get the sun then it’s suggested that you take a Vitamin D supplement.

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